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29 November, 2018

I Did It: My London Law School Graduation, 2018

On the day of my graduation, I was woken up to the Broadway soundtrack of The Lion King and showered in confetti, courtesy of Lina.  Thankfully we got ready in good time, even with a gnarly fall on Mama's part, because traffic was absolutely ungodly on our way into central.  The morning was a bit of a struggle given how jet-lagged Lina was, nervous I was and Mother...well...let's put it this way...without coffee, having a flock of toddlers to keep track of is easier!! We picked up my tickets, got some grad merch and hurried off for a quick and very much needed coffee (we were all so dysfunctional running on minimal sleep and zero caffeine) before making our way to the ceremony.  

Only, at the Bachelor of Laws graduation ceremony did it sink in: I have a law degree.
Even months after receiving my exam results and the invitation itself to the graduation, it really only dawned on me what I’d done as my mother placed my graduation hat on me (a Danish tradition that we decided to carry over) before the ceremony began. I want to say thank you to those who to supported me along the way and also, equally so to those who doubted me with malicious or benevolent intent in doing so because these two together are what pushed me here.
It meant the absolute world to have my little sister and Mama there to celebrate this milestone and hell, I’ll say it, because I am, unabashedly very proud of myself—amazing accomplishment. Having them here with me in London is surreal and I feel so fortunate to get to share this experience with these two phenomenal women.
It was a very emotional and near perfect day. I say near perfect for only one reason. One of the people who instilled within me such a fervour for academics, determination and strength, was so close to being here experiencing this big day and should have been able to. However, for reasons I won’t likely ever understand or accept, my Daddy was not there the day of my graduation. I know he would have given anything to have been, and fought so hard to be, but his pride and presence echoed throughout every second of my graduation day (hence the lack of photos of me NOT crying). He came along as well in the form of his Danish and American flag pin that held my hood in place, a happy Skype photo of us and two of his hype emails to me that were glued by Lina into my hat, and by the owl ornament I purchased both as a symbol for our free bird & of my London university's mascot that Lina carried on her bag. This is for you, bud. I know you're yelling at me for saying that, insisting that this is for ME...but we can share in what feels like glory.



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