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10 November, 2018

Honorary Latina

It's not anything new that I vibe particularly well with Latinos/as and having that feeling be mutual is fab!! In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage month, BU setup a Latin party which, for the reason that I am clearly not of Hispanic/Latino origin, I didn't plan to attend.  However, when one, two three... give lovely humans with these backgrounds insisted on my attending, dubbing me an "honorary Latina", who was I to say no?!  I'm so happy that I get to practice my once-fluent Spanish again with people from an array of Spanish-speaking countries who have been so helpful and encouraging.  Not gonna lie, I feel very, very honoured to be included in the Latin Crew.

The party kicked off at Fernando's place with red cups and polaroids galore over a fair bit of karaoke and dancing. My "cheerleader" Jingshuang came along as well to join in the unorganised and entertaining chaos that ensued. Long-story made short, we never made it to the actual Latin party but rather, had one of our own.

Thanks for such a fun night & for your inclusion sweet babies <3



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