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23 November, 2018

Cruella & Bambi: Halloween, 2018

Later that night, Cruella De Vil and Bambi made their appearances at a party filled with the scariest people of all--lawers.  I brought it to Aline, Richard, Chawisa & Tala's attention that they all were living in the same building and quickly thereafter, a Halloween Party was established.  Aline had insisted on making Jell-o shots to really American it up but her scrumptious homemade brownies were what really stole the show!! There was no lack of Halloween treats or booze--both even more important as for some, this was their very first Halloween. Some of us gave a very tamed-down version of Beer Pong a go, others patiently waiting to have their first drink until after they finished their telephone interview with a firm and of course Hola and I had to give the swings a go!! 

Lina mingled so well with everyone, constantly chatting up a new person every time her helicopter sister checked in.  We as a group were made aware, courtesy of Lina, that we apparently NEVER  shut up about the law hahaha The night quickly passed, some of us heading out for a nightcap at a local pub before parting ways.  Thank you so much to the lovely hosts, for everyone turning up in your faboo costumes and especially, for welcoming my sister into the BU LLM fam so beautifully.

Happy (now extremely belated) Halloween!! 



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