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03 November, 2018

BU Apple Picking

When I got the email about Apple Picking, it wasn't even a question whether or not I wanted to go.  For whatever reason, I apparently had a deep, unknown, burning desire to go on such an excursion and I wasn't the only one considering I was put on a waiting list!! Luckily, I made it off the list and on a beautiful crisp Friday morning, a bus load full of Boston University's finest LLM students made our way outside of the city for some good 'ol fashioned farm fun.

The trip to the orchard was absolutely stunning!!  The deeper into Autumn we get, the more I can completely understand why it's an actual thing for people to travel up here just to look at the foliage--it's insane, unlike anything I've ever seen.  I didn't know so many beautiful colours could exists on one single tree alone, never-mind the sight of hundreds of them! The bus ride really threw me back to the middle school field trip days where who you sat with on the bus was the day's biggest stressor, sharing headphones and gossip amongst your friends.  This time was thankfully different although my bus buddy, Gustavo, and I did touch on just about every topic under the sun--if even just briefly :P

Shelburne Farm welcomed us with hot apple cider, coffee and apple donuts to start before we loaded for our hay ride out to the orchard.  I know that I am absolutely an "all or nothing" kind of gal but c'mon was I the only one who actually chose to sit on the hay bales?!  They are surprisingly comfortable, although I was absolutely covered it it for the remainder of the afternoon...

As soon as we reached the lanes designated for picking, I, in my competitive nature, expected everyone to take off!!  No...oh, no no.  Everyone decided to wander down the same lane, myself included, for all of 10 seconds before I'd had enough and took off into the trees, cutting through them and into a lane all to myself with Dhruthi and Nikhil following after me.  I'm so happy to be around people who genuinely find joy in my insanity/presence.  Whether you guys laugh because I'm a million times funnier than I ever thought I was or just because I'm absolutely bat sh*t crazy, I honestly don't mind cos y'all are cool.

The three of us tested out methods to achieving the biggest, brightest, tastiest apples before quickly realising that my idea of lugging home unnecessary kilo after kilo in a giant burlap sack wasn't going to happen as my plastic bag refused to carry more than 9 apples.  It was absolutely not for lack of trying though...especially after we spilled them out and counted, realising that while mine were all huge, I had the least out of us three.  It took another hour before we left and before I decided to relinquish the apples I was carrying on the side in addition to my picking bag and actual handbag in order to match their 11 apple count.

With our bags filled up, we took a wander around to see what other types of apples there were, enjoying the lovely weather and lovely company over endless apple eating, piling back up into the back of the truck shortly thereafter where Dhruthi and I raced over to say hello to the Alpaca we'd spotted earlier.  Alas, it wasn't a petting zoo but at least we got to see it up close--priorities.

It was great to get a mental break from the city life and everything associated to it and just prance around in an apple orchard for a bit, soak up the unexpected but gorgeous sunshine, the smell of thousands of apples and the feel of grass beneath my feet (or, all over my body when I decided I was tired and felt like connecting a little more with Mother Nature and collapsed on the floor for a bit).

Given that many of us had gone out for drinks the night before as well, I feel like we did superbly!! I was definitely in my infamous toddler-like state on the long bus ride back, feeling quite tired and cranky given the fact that I hadn't been fed anything except for apple donuts and well, apples.  I headed home to get ready for what to be a big night ahead--a quick and very important kip second on the list after a proper meal!

A big thanks to BU for organising the event and for everyone who made it into such a wonderful trip!

Also, how weird that the same day Mama had herself been out in the backyard picking apples?! With so many, she'd filled up a wheelbarrow and placed it out front for passersby to take however much they wanted.  Such funny timing, no?



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