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15 October, 2018

You've Got This

Hey y'all!! How are you doing?

I've gotten into a pretty good routine of making meal plans, ordering groceries and cooking dinner but most days, that is my first meal of the day which is really just not optimal haha I've never been great at eating in the mornings but by the time my stomach wakes up, I'm in the middle of back-to-back classes that, once done, mean I'm going home to make dinner anyways.

I've also learnt very quickly that I'm rubbish at making food for one person as demonstrated by the few kilos of Spag Bol I wound up making in the hopes of having just a bit extra to have for the day following.

I finally went to the famed Prudential Center for drinks with a group of people from my programme and honestly, after some really lacklustre experiences while going out, I was so happy to have found a cute, cosy place nearby with a great menu, Champagne and good vibes/ambience.

The fact that my going to get my nails done somehow wound up inducing more stress than it relieved, even with the hardcore settings on the massage chair I definitely abused to the fullest extent, really spoke to my mindset this past week I'd say.

I'm loving everything so far and really didn't expect to feel so at home and so happy in such a small time frame but I ain't gonna the start of every week, I just hope to get through the week.  I know that once I make it through my last class on Thursday that as packed as my schedule is and as much as there is for me to do, that the weekend will allow me some space and time to breathe and relax that at that point, I so desperately need.

I think that I'm slowly getting into a study routine, finally have a US bank account and credit card setup, went to get my X-ray done of my shoulder and will hopefully soon book the MRI to determine whether or not I do indeed need surgery, the flat is getting more charming day by day (even if I now have a second tree in my possession (LONG LIVE BARBOSA!!) and somehow my mattress is still on the floor, bed frame still unassembled.  I booked my return flight for my London grad in November as well as getting an amazing Air BNB place booked for Lina, Mama & myself in my sweet Fulham and I am so, so excited!!! It's going to be a lot to be overseas and keeping up with uni but I'm confident that I'll make it work.  After all, you don't graduate law school every day!! I can't wait to be back and to see everyone again.  I miss London and I miss everyone that came along with it but it makes sense that the more places you make your home, the more homesick you're going to be.

The overall list of practical things related to moving is thankfully dwindling down, making room for more university and Boston related things to take to the centre stage of priorities.  This is happening in perfect time as we all celebrated our one month anniversary of starting classes with drinks at our new favourite spot in the Prudential Center, Earl's.

All for now! Off to try to map out my work for the weekend as I'll be going (GAHHHHHHHH SO EXCITED!!!!!!) to Berklee Beantown Festival on Saturday and have my first Pro Bono Job working with Project Citizen all day on Sunday.

Big love,


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