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21 October, 2018

We're Pretty

Happy Halloween (month!!)

I celebrated the 1st. of October by proudly placing my cheap Halloween table decor up on my desk and fishing out Lina's two adorable handmade signs she sent to me last year.  Whoever says that holiday decorations are just a waste of money, regardless of how cheap, I'd like to direct you to my fabulous Halloween table decor that has since travelled from Notting Hill to Fulham to Vester-Skerninge to Boston, thankyouverymuch.  Five years, three countries--not too shabby!! Best £4 ever spent man.

With every passing week, as we get deeper and deeper into the semester (reached the midpoint!) I feel like the readings are just being pilled on.  Probably because they are.  I feel like I'm keeping on top of everything pretty well, but not for lack of time and effort which I want to say is reflected in my cooking!! You know you're trying to adult when you make yourself a salad next to your Annie's Mac N' Cheese :P

My favourite black double-breasted blazer died on me, two of the buttons falling out at random in my Trust, Wills & Basic Estate Planning class this past week.  Considering I got it at Good Will three years ago, I'm still very impressed.  They just need to be sewn back on again but in the time that it'll take for me to learn that and actually do it, I thought it best to find some replacements.  Zara is a dangerous, dangerous website for me to be on right now.  How I found the strength to only pick up two new blazers is beyond me but I want to say that the giant Boo Hoo and ASOS hauls that I sent through just before might have something to do with it...

I wasn't feeling all too great this week and on top of that, I finally got an MRI done on my shoulder.  I knew I wasn't going to like the process (who does?!) but apart from not being able to move for 40 min. (absolute torture for someone as fidgety as me) it was the injections I needed to light up the part of my shoulder they wanted to hone in on that was the least fun.  Being in hospitals since my Father's passing hasn't been any easy feat but in this lifetime, it simply isn't avoidable and going isn't always a for a bad thing either which I try to remind myself.  It's hard and I try my best not to think too much about him and what we went through but it did get to me a little bit being there by myself.  Instead, I promised myself to not act like Cam in that episode of Modern Family where he needs and MRI and loses his sh*t.  That image, humorous and accurate as it could have been, guided me through and I managed to get through the process very well.

Given the injections to my shoulder prior however, my range of motion was a bit limited and bleh, such a weird feeling of pressure that you just can't shake.  It was pretty okay the day of but mega sore the day following so when Khai invited me out for dinner and drinks I wasn't sure I'd be up for it but thankfully towards the end of the day it was almost back to normal and I wasn't nearly as nauseous as I'd been the past few days and went.

It was such a cute restaurant with fairy lights, pink and blue accents and Mexican symbols all abound.  We started off at the bar with our separate Margaritas (I got the "Beautiful Liar" followed up with the "Nancy Botwin") and moved to our table where we indulged ourselves in some guac and chips, mussels, fish tacos and pork belly tacos.  The rest of the group had just left the "Bar Review" and was at a pub nearby so we thought we'd swing by and say hello before maybe heading to a place in Cambridge, not up for anything too crazy.  I'm loving the candid shots Khai took of us outside waiting for our cab hahah I'm sure you can see where I realised he was snapping shots--AKA where I started behaving more abnormally ;)

It's insane to me that at the mid-mark of our first semester that I'm still meeting new people from my programme but I love it!! Everyone's got such cool backstories and I live for good conversation so in this group, I'm set!!  Boston closes far too early so after we all settled up I invited the group to continue onwards at mine.  Thankfully they're as big whisky drinkers as I so my only having a bottle of whisky and some rosé worked out perfectly alongside some snacks, salsa music and dancing and good times that rolled on until about 6 AM where the majority left, a few stragglers sticking around until bloody 10 o'clock in the morning.

I awoke surprisingly hangover free and got cracking on my research memorandum assignment, opting out in the end of another house party that fun as I'm sure it would have been, my liver said otherwise, as did my anxiety that was insisting on some higher levels of productivity to kick off the long weekend.

Thanks to everyone for such a fun night & for being such lovely guests!  I look forward to getting to know you all better in the coming year we have together and perhaps/hopefully also thereafter.



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