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07 October, 2018

We're Having A Sleepover

The day before BU Law's boat trip, I'd gone down to Seaport on a mission to pick up a mysterious parcel that somehow, even with all of the others from varying delivery services being left without any issue, was impossible to deliver.  Did I walk out of there with said parcel?  No.  Could they explain to me what it was or who signed for it or where it was? No.  Did I feel like crying in front of the FedEx store but tried to soak in the beautiful sea breeze and the surprisingly cold wind as best as I could as I awaited my Uber to take me back home again?  Yes.

Thankfully, on the day, it only took me 15 min. rather than the 40 I'd wasted the day prior to get to Seaport and it seems like a really cool part of Boston.  My two best girls were both out of the state this weekend so I was flying solo on the year's first big social event whereby I experienced a large dose of culture shock pertaining to drinking.  I met a bunch of new people and got to know a few who I'd already spent some time with but socialising/networking with and a bunch of us ended up going to an after party at one of their flats which was an enlightening and festive experience to say the least!!

The view out on the water was breathtaking with a sunset we couldn't have paid enough to get and I really enjoyed getting to go out sailing again after so long.  Even though the night panned out differently than expected, I had a fun time!



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