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03 October, 2018

Red Sox

Come Friday, we had made it through our first week as BU LLM students and to celebrate the occasion, we all headed to a Red Sox game!!  Tala and I threw obscene amounts of money at baseball caps to wear for the occasion and managed to track down Hola, grabbed some beer and headed in to potentially the most confusing experience of my life.  Much as I tried, I don't think I'll ever understand baseball but it was still such a cool, pure, extremely American experience.

The lights, the surprisingly good seats, entire stadium doing The Wave, our section chanting "baby" at random and some dude lifting his child into the air like he was bloody Simba from The Lion King, hot dogs, peanuts I never managed to figure out how to consume and definitely accidentally left there and a lot of pictures to document to occasion.

We made until the fourth or fifth inning I want to say (there are nine guys N I N E!!!) before tucking out in search of a cute place to grab drinks which we quickly established, did not exist in Fenway or did not exist in Fenway on a game night.  After walking up and down and circling around half of the side streets to the stadium, we finally decided just to go to the wine bar near Tala's place and had a glass before joining some of the group a little later for a bit of food, a few more drinks and to get to know each other a bit more.  The night was unexpected but entertaining to say the least...though I did manage to lose my $40 Red Sox cap in the process which I'm gonna have to say definitely upset me more than expected.



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