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24 October, 2018

Halloween Decor

Tis the season for crunchy leaves and pumpkins and witches and ghosts and ghouls and AHHHHHHHHH God I love Halloween!!!

I'm really sad that I hadn't realised the full extent of how Columbus Day was actually going to affect my classes, or lack-thereof really, because I could have had almost two weeks anywhere!! I could have gone to D.C., maybe explored New York a bit, visited Asher in North Carolina...ugh...too late now!! The point here however is that in the absence of any exciting plans, I have been obscenely productive just cranking out assignment after reading after crossing off massive time consuming things on my to-do list that I've been wanting/needing to get done for ages and in doing so, I haven't actually watched a single Halloween-related movie yet which is quite sad.

I have however prioritised in advance the necessity of that wonderful spooky spirit of Halloween (month) and picked up some cute pieces for the flat to get it all decorated and every single time one has come through the door, I have straight up squealed and/or danced around.  I got a cute little tray for the bathroom where I'm currently keeping my new face products and body lotion to start and then along came GHOSTY (yes, I've thought it through and I'm standing by my naming decision) and literally lit up my life.  Have I danced around with him a bit?  Yes.  Have the lights been turned off even once since I got him?  Nope. As cute as he is during the day, I love the warm glow of lights from my adorable, sparkly Ghosty when I snuggle into bed.

Next came a cute pumpkin and ghost garland that I've hung up in the window near my desk alongside probably the most Danish of Halloween decorations ever to exist: a little Nisse/troll who's now cheerfully sitting in my kitchen window with his Jack-O-Lantern ear my struggling Basil plant and two sets of dishtowels.  One reads "Not every witch lives in Salem" (ain't that the truth) and the second "I'm here for the boos" BAHAHAHAAHA Oh, oh they are all just too cute and bring me such indescribable joy.  What's cooler than every last one of these?  Okay, maybe not cooler but still quite cool...I got all of them, minus the tray which is from Williams Sonoma, from TJMaxx!

Hope you're all enjoying Halloween month half as much as I am!

Big love,


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