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09 October, 2018

Coming Along Nicely

Hello hello :)

Everything is everywhere.  My life is exciting and nerve-wracking and scattered but, similarly to my random and incomplete flat, I truly believe (some days more than others) that it's coming along nicely.

I got all of my clothes and shoes and insane amounts of luggage put into place, have basic things like sheets, towels, spatulas and a kettle (thank God I finally have a kettle!!) and personally managed to put together my office chair and desk which, as painful as it truly was, I am extremely proud of having done.

Slowly but surely I have achieved a nicely stocked up fridge and freezer and I never want to see a box again in my life.  I also really don't want to have to spend a full hour of my time dragging them downstairs and all the way out to the already filled-up recycling bins.

However, considering we're not even at the half-way point of everything arriving, I'm just going to have to accept the fact that the anxiety over whether or not I'll be able to somehow lift an 80 lb. parcel by myself or will be someone will magically appear to help me will be continuing for awhile.

It's been an emotionally draining, frustrating, hard first few weeks of uni dealing with textbook issues, figuring how to even figure out where and when to go to classes I'm not signed up for and I think I might actually have the most epic love/hate relationship in the history of the world over this add/drop period thing.

I did allow/force myself to put on my most comfortable headband I own, a face mask, and divulge in some vino, snacks, a new TV show and an Epsom salt bath at one point which, I'm pretty proud of as well.

My new mattress finally came and I am so thankful for no longer sleeping on air, as is my broken body.  I am managing the crazy amounts of reading and gave assembling things a chance again but will definitely be hiring someone to assemble the remainder of furniture so that I don't die from my canopy bed crashing down on me due to my own incompetence.

Mini break number two came in the form of Chinese take out and binge-watching How To Get Away With Murder for what felt like two days straight (I'm not even mad about it) and my pots and pans came meaning, following BU Law's first big social event of the year--The Law School Boat Party--I made my first meal in the new place: A BREAKFAST BURRITOOOOOOOO!! Simple but so, so good.

I thought I'd be more stressed about cooking for myself again but I am honestly so loving it so far.  My second meal was a chicken curry open-sandwich on brown bread with salad, cucumber, avocado, green apples and bacon and for anyone looking for a healthy, delicious and easy meal: read.

I've started on a new skincare routine which I'm pretty stoked over because this acne has really been getting to be recently and much as it seems to appear at times that my skin reacts best to no products, this simply isn't the case in Boston because, and I shit you not, within 24 hrs. of using these products, my skin immediately started improving.  I think my face and Alba Botanics might just be made for each other.

As a final note here on this scattered but accurate post, "small" steps, are still steps and are so important to acknowledge, validate and react to in whatever way comes naturally to you. Remember this!!

Side note: At the time that I've been writing this post, I've been listening to "New Girl" in the background which I decided earlier on this past week to start watching again from the beginning and I really want to say that it has somehow influenced the writing style of this post.



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