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27 October, 2018

Boo Hoo: A Boston Autumn Haul

Jumpers, stripes & dresses: oh my!! It was a rather delayed back-to-school shopping session which kinda turned out to be more of a prep haul for Boston's notoriously chilly Autumn months that have snuck up on us.

Mama and I made a deal that the less suitcases I shipped, the more shopping I could do.  I would have been a fool to turn an option like that down and of course I made sure to time it so that I could get the biggest bang for my buck with a gigantic Boo Hoo sale with 60-80% markdowns on everything.  You read that right!!

For what I've counted from this mega haul this meant 1 new pair of shoes, 11 dresses, 7 skirts, 7 jumpers, 9 tops, 2 trousers and 2 blazers for more than half of their original prices.  Happy doesn't even come close to describing it as parcel after giant parcel came flying through the door.  As I'm writing this I've been getting in my daily steps by running up and down the stairs to the basement with laundry basket after laundry basket filled with all of these new goodies for about three hours now :P

Boston--I'm ready for ya!! I dare not say "bring it on" because I haven't actually gotten a proper winter coat quite yet and am honestly a little worried about exactly how cold it's going to be getting here.  If any of my cosy new picks caught your eye, have a look at the widget below so you too can look cosy, chic & warm with some new Autumn-ready Boo Hoo items brightening up your wardrobe!!

Have a lovely day all and thanks for checking in :)


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