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24 October, 2018

Betsey Johnson Booties

Why hello and good evening ;)

I couldn't stand for these fun floral booties!! I've got a freezing winter so drilled into my head that I feel like it's seriously affecting my shopping choices to the point where I might have added one...two...five? potential new boots either to my online shopping carts or to my wardrobe since coming.

I liked the pointed toe and sock form of these and really feel like the addition of the flowers will make them an easier transition piece.  I've never bought anything from this particular designer before and all I really recall knowing about her is how obsessed all of the girls in my 6th. grade class were about her dresses for their Bat Mitzvahs!!  It's not usually the type of shoe I would go for but something about it pulled me in.

Have a good one!


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