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17 October, 2018

Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival 2018

I was excited to go to Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival from the moment I chose to apply to Boston University to pursue my LLM.  I grew up listening to a lot of jazz legends and when I say a lot, I mean I was humming Pat Metheny before my age hit double digits without knowing and appreciating fully exactly how incredible these musicians were.  My Dad loved jazz arguably more than any other genre of music in his vast, carefully curated music taste spectrum and he would have thought that it was the coolest thing that I went and I know that wherever he is now, he was proud and thinking just that.

It went into it knowing that there was a pretty good chance that it was going to be an extremely emotional experience for me in one way or another and it definitely was because I felt him there with me.  Bow that he's "gone", that means more than I can articulate very well but when the feeling does come it is difficult in some capacity to process but it's also simultaneously just so pure and I'm so grateful for those moments.

I'm so happy that I went for a few hours, even in a weekend crazily jam-packed with loads of school work and my first full Pro Bono day on the books early the next morning.  I met up with a few people from school to start, got a chicken fajita, soaked up some sunshine and Dear God, some incredible music.  The musicians were insanely talented and so many of them were so young!! Man, my ears were being given some serious first-class treatment on that beautiful autumn day here in Boston to the point where, even though the weather was absolutely perfect, I lost track of how many times the performances and the collectivity of the festival gave me chills.  Thank you to everyone who came out and performed and to the organisers of this event, it was fantastic and should I wind up staying in Boston longer than a year, you'll definitely be seeing me again.

High on the powerful feeling of kick-ass music and a new, long-anticipated experience under my belt, I put on some Joe Bonamassa and walked it homewards for a good cry before meeting Tala for the steak dinner we'd been hoping to have sooner rather than later.  A few glasses of vino, two gorgeous pieces of Filet Mignon and some seriously weird luck regarding our love lives later, we headed down to Seaport to meet up with a few of her friends over a few drinks before calling it a reasonably early night and turning in so we could be up bright and early the next day for our Pro Bono work with Project Citizenship.



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