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29 October, 2018

As Of Current: Fall Feels

Fall has fallen upon the city of Boston and as has, thankfully, some semblance of a routine.  My eating habits are definitely not included in that with coffee driving me solo 6/7 days until about 8 pm where it's either time for a drink or the first meal of the day.  It's bad, I know.  Hopefully I can turn it around soon because the long this goes on for the harder it'll be to get it normalised again.  Strangely enough given my lack of an appetite however, I've been very good at cooking for myself since settling in.  Not gonna lie, I got used to having Mads as my personal chef essentially and I was full well convinced that come Boston I'd be maxing out my cards on take-away food so I'm pretty proud of myself in how well this has turned out!!  I made Frikadeller with all the fixin's as best as I could not having all of the OG ingredients and oh yes, there are some shoved in the freezer for a rainy day.

In establish somewhat more of a daily study routine, I've found myself feeling a lot more able to go out, socialise and see some more of the city as well.  There are a lot of really cool spots and the one thing that makes them all the better is the equally cool company I get to enjoy them in.  I don't remember the last time that I not only felt like I vibed really well with this many people but also that the feeling was honestly mutual as well.  We are all so incredibly different and yet, I feel like there's familial, protective, stick together aura about us and I love it.  Everyone's here with a common goal, even with the differing career paths and specialisations we're after and it's a pretty unique experience that I'm so happy I allowed myself to experience in choosing to move here.

I see now why there are so many Fall Foliage trips associated to the city because, wow...the colours of the changing leaves all around are something else.  I really want to do a proper foliage "tour" before winter hits but given that I'm flying to London for the first two weeks of November, I'm not sure I'll be lucky enough to do so.  We shall see...

I hope all of you are doing well and have enjoyed your weekends :)

Big love,


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