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17 September, 2018

Wit's End

The long-awaited day finally came but with as much preparation that was done leading up to this point, none of it could have prepared me for what was set to be a much longer day than anticipated.  With very little sleep after having realised I'd, in the stress of it all, misunderstood my departure times, I woke up Mama and asked Mormor to pick us up a few hours before when we'd originally agreed.  I had a last walk around the garden and to help calm my nerves, Mama did my Fairy Cards for me and I was, as I am every time we do these, blown away by the cards that I chose and how fitting they were.  I'm not a religious person, I've always been more spiritual than anything else and while I don't allow these cards to dictate how I live my life, they continuously provide me with new perspectives, approaches and in this case, relief.

I gave my baby brother one last parting belly rub before we loaded up the car and made our way in for a cup of coffee in Svendborg so that I could say goodbye to Morfar.  From there, Mormor drove Mama and I to Nyborg where we made our way to the airport via train and sooner than we'd like, hugs and kisses and tears galore, we parted ways as I made my way up to security and she headed back home towards Fyn.  Everything in the airport went fine and the flight went by nice and quick, even though I wasn't overly chuffed by the fact that once I landed in Heathrow I had to collect my luggage and exit the airport only to start the process all over again and check my luggage through to Boston.  Normally, I'm quite happy to have a bit of extra time in the airport just incase of unexpected changes but at the time of the first announcement of a delay, I felt like I'd been wandering around endlessly.  I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach as the delay dragged on for another hour that we weren't going to be getting on that flight tonight and surely as, it was cancelled.

Hotel vouchers and re-booking were next on the list before I yet again made my way through the airport to collect my luggage and headed to the hotel they'd put us up in for the night in Terminal 5.  I wasn't overly keen with my new booking given that it was so early and I was already running on very little sleep but I figured, screw it.  You'll get to Boston soon enough, in the same class you booked and can sleep on the plane.  An abysmal three hours of sleep later, I packed up and headed back to the terminal to check in my luggage for the third time in less than 24hrs. and searched for some food.  Given how late it was at the time we got the cancellation message, everything was closed and I was getting pretty sick of ready-made salads and sandwiches.

A nice cappuccino, some cheeky cookies and a bowl of Scottish porridge were hungrily scarfed down as I made my way to my flight's gate for hopefully the last time.  They'd booked me to fly over Madrid at 6:20 AM where I'd then get a connecting flight onwards.  That nasty pit in my stomach reappeared as we sat a little longer on the runway than usual as the captain announced that we weren't given the go-ahead to fly from the engineers and that they would need to board and run diagnostics to determine if the problem could be fixed.  Surely enough, this wasn't the case and the next option would be to secure the only available plane, on the furthest side of Heathrow Airport to where we were, get it moved from the hanger to this terminal and fully prepped to fly, luggage moved etc. etc. meaning we were looking at a good 3 hour wait.

 I was of course not the only human who had a connecting flight in Madrid that would likely be missed so as he rattled off some options, I took the time to update Lina, Mama and my Airbnb host.  In doing so, I didn't hear the captain say my name over the speaker system and suddenly looked up to find our pilot standing in the aisle beside me inquiring as to my identity.  Yep, I was indeed Emilie Fabricius Ahlgreen and yes, this was now my second cancelled flight in 24 hours.  He said that he'd have someone meet me as I disembarked to ensure that we got me sorted out with a new ticket and to ensure that my luggage would follow me wherever I went.

 Unfortunately I never located said person and made my way back to the A Gates (nightmare) yet again to figure out how the hell I was getting to Boston.  Two ticketing agents and 40 min. later I was put on the flight to Boston departing later that evening (mind you it's just barely 8 AM at this point) as well as on standby for a flight leaving in a few hours time.  I was told to located another ticketing human in the Business Lounge to figure out if they could secure me a seat on that plane and to ensure that my luggage was going on the right flight at the right time.  Just to top it all off, upon arriving at the lounge, all of their systems were down!! Not even the screens relaying gate information were up and running!! What luck?!?! I eventually got ahold of the manager who took me down to First Class to attempt to sort out a seat.  With a bit of downtime, I had yet another bowl of Scottish Porridge, this time accompanied by a glass or three of whisky before finally getting the news that I was booked onto the standby flight.  I made my way to the gate and yet again, my name was announced over the speaker system.  What I thought was to confirm the seat and luggage was actually, of course, a random security check.  Why not!!

I didn't feel any sense of relief until we had taken off and for once in a very, very long 24 hours I could just kick my feet up, lie down and relax.  I'd planned on getting some work done on the plane but my brain was utter goo.  I managed to eat a bit, grab a few hours nap and watch a movie and suddenly, we were landing in Boston's Logan International airport.

Stay tuned for more in the coming post :* Thanks for checking in y'all!



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