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15 September, 2018

Watch Out For Them Snake Ones: Janiko Pt. 2

Y'all know I love my heels to the moon and back but a killer pair of trainers goes a loonnggg way (and that's saying something coming from me!).  It's also no well-kept secret that I'm a huge fan of snake print.  I remember so struggling last summer just to find a few options for an OOTD post because at that point, there world of fashion just wasn't as in love with the print as I was.

A year later and it's safe to say that regardless of what brand you're buying from, they've got a strew of options ready for you when you type in "snake" into their websites' search bars and hallelujah for that!  I was going back and forth between snapping up these babies or a funky creeper version Janiko's done as well.  I ended up choosing the more classic option, knowing I'd definitely be looping back for a second shopping session at one point or another and that in the mean time, I'd likely be happier with these.

Incase it's not obvious (in which case, have a cup of coffee) I actually had a lot of fun during this "shoot".  I don't know if it was that I was just feeling this pairing with the outfit more or the increased range-of-motion I had now that I was in flats but I was hopping around from the chair to the floor and then suddenly channelling a bit of MJ, using those old ballet skills of mine and I'm really happy with the turn-out!! I'm no professional but I have to say this was one of my favourite OOTD shoots I've done recently and I'm sure the new sneaks (and having Mama behind the camera) played an incremental role in that.  Here's hoping you enjoy it as much as I did!!

Grab the ssssneaks here.


**Side note: As per usual, I am indeed wearing shorts underneath my dress so do feel free to keep any comments related to that to yourself.

**I claim no rights or ownership to/of the above image.   All rights go to its original owner(s).**


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