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29 September, 2018

The Adventures Of Petra & Anezka

And so the day came for me to pack up and move out of the adorable, charismatic little Bostonian home I'd come to know and love.  We were armed with two glasses to start us off, thus allowing us to bring along the opened bottle of Cava I got for Lina that she only had a glass of, so that we could toast to the new place, courtesy of Polly.

We met one of the two owners/my landlord for the first time and he was the sweetest thing!! He helped us in with all of our things and then left us to begin the project that is moving-in.  The first stop on our list of places to go and things to do was to locate the nearest Whole Foods and grab a bit of brekkie.  The excursion then continued onwards to Target for necessary start items and cleaning supplies.  It was like the god damn apocalypse was just around the corner guys.

Somehow in the weirdness that is the functionality, or lack-thereof rather, of my mind, the very obvious fact that I, strangely enough, was not the only person moving in on the 1st. of September nor the only student in the vicinity DID NOT OCCUR TO ME WHATSOEVER.  Sweet Lord Almighty I cannot put into words what an absolute shit-storm Target was, based on these facts.  How we even managed to get so much of what was on my list, without killing anyone or each other, is so far beyond impressive.

What was even more fun was trying to (without the aid of a cart because they apparently lock in the wheels when you try to bring them outside) carry the mass amounts of bags out to the curb in an attempt to locate, in the insanity of senseless traffic, an Uber to get us back home while being harassed by weird dudes who wanted us, instead, to have selected a trip in their rickshaws.

We essentially threw everything on the floor and desperately sought out a place for some lunch, cried a little over Truffle Fries, smashed some fish tacos and headed to the scariest, smallest, insanely busy Trader Joes in the hopes of crossing a few more things off on the list and retreated homewards again where the vitally important step of deep-cleaning the flat began!!

I managed as much as the light-switches, doorhandles and frames, and the skirting before experiencing excruciating shoulder pain, the words of my chiropractor echoing in my head like a bunch of boulders rolling back and forth in a cave, "Cleaning is the worst thing you can do to your shoulder!!" Fab.  Impressive that didn't really occur to me until that point, isn't it?

While I shopped online for furnishings and further required items, my hero of a majestic, phenomenal, blessed badass of a little sister scrubbed the place top-to-toe.  I know if the tables were turned that I would be doing the exact same thing for her in a heartbeat but man did I feel like a horrible excuse for a human being, lounging around on the floor, deliriously scooping up new things for the flat while Lina bounced around cleaning, literally down on her knees scrubbing the floor. I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE FORGET THIS YOU ANGEL CHILD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I genuinely could not have done this move-in process without her.

Lina called it a night as we headed out for some pizza (and PSA: if you go to Little Steve's Pizzaria, be kind to Aldo) and I just don't even understand that I managed to get a place in such a great location.  Everything is so nearby, the area seems great and the fact that I'm so close to Berklee? Potentially the coolest thing ever about all of it.  Do you know how amazing it is to just casually be poking that dead pigeon off of your fire escape while hearing someone casually playing the saxophone is?  Did I sit criss-cross apple sauce in front of my neighbour's door at one point because they were practicing and it straight up sounded like a free Broadway show?  Yeah.   No shame.

After having a little look-see as to what was around and checking in to the ice cream place to see what was happening, we snuggled up on the blow-up mattress Lina thankfully brought along (Target was completely sold-out minus an $80 option NOT including the $60 pump as well like what?!) and passed the eff out.

Lina's second day in Boston called for a sushi and Ramen sisterly lunch and some serious thriftin'.  Leave it to me to find potentially the most impractical item ever but like, now I'm the proud owner of an amazing black and gold marble and metal candle holder and Lina, who's duffle bag was now a gajillion pounds lighter without the blow-up mattress being dragged back to DC, picked up some funky items for her new place as well.

We were both definitely passed the point of delirium when we decided to continue flat shopping at the supposedly local Marshall's which, was just around the corner from Fenway Park.  No big deal, right?  WRONG.  Because there was a Red Sox game on the the streets were flooded with human beings.  In the very least, we are never not, not entertained.  I can't get over how many places have Halloween decorations already and while I'm unfortunately not prioritising that right now, you better believe I'm going to go nuts in a few week's time.  We managed to find our way back home sans-Uber and headed to a local bar where we soaked in the live Bluegrass music over mocktails/cocktails and dug into some absolutely horrible nachos.  The cute and wildly talented musicians, the great vibes and cute decor, continued promise of live music at the venue, and the delicious ice cream cones we got afterwards definitely made up for them though!!

Early the next morning after grabbing a coffee together, little nugget made her way back to DC to start up at school and I prepared for my first last day of school the day following.  No time is every enough time with this rockstar of a human but I so thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed having her here with me to start off this new adventure and am already seriously diggin' the fact that we are on the same timezone once again.



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