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18 September, 2018

Tempting Tuesday: Pt. 60

Hello and good afternoon lovelies!

This week is all about five beautiful rando's that caught my eye.  I've been binge watching the latest season of How To Get Away With Murder so I'm gonna go ahead and guess that this beautiful bright purple Versace blazer jumped out because of the outfits depicted on the show.

Nature-inspired jewellery is at the tippy top of my list of favourite fashion items so it's not all too surprising that I love these delicate gold twig earrings!

The 'F' on the bag below might technically stand for Fendi but that crushed smooth green velvet on the bag immediately makes me think "fluffy and fabulous".  The craziest I've managed with a statement handbag, much as I've tried, has been a variation of metallics but I feel like a good first step in testing out that pop of colour that could be used on a daily basis rather than just for special occasions would be starting with darker shades like this one.

Fourthly, a long silver pendant with meaning behind it.  It's beautiful but also a constant reminder to be aware and practice mindfulness.

The last item for the week is an item that I chose as it will soon be time to embrace that Autumn is upon us and one of the best things about these months is colour changes--in the trees, the sky and our wardrobes!



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