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24 September, 2018

Table For One

My first weekend in Boston rolled around faster than I could keep up with so after spending the day working on all sorts at home in my jammies I forced myself to put on a touch of makeup, put on a dress and head out into the world for solo dinner and drinks.  There are only a few things I can think of that are as equally liberating and simultaneously depressing as asking for a table for one.  I'd picked out a restaurant in Harvard Square with the goal of securing a burger, selecting this particular place because it said online that they were known for their comfort food.  Now, very unlike me, I didn't actually get a chance to check the menu before heading out and was a bit surprised by the result.

Alden & Harlow has a great location and upscale chilled out vibes, sitting out to the pavement, drenched in fairy lights and the blue dusk light.  I enjoyed both my wine and whisky and the service was impeccable but while my food was absolutely delicious, it's not really my thing.  I decided to stay and to go outside of my culinary comfort zone for some über healthy plates, intrigued by their contents.  They recommended choosing two plates due to serving sizes so I opted for their Farm Bean Salad (White Bean Crema, Fried Quinoa, Bianco Sardo & Herb Salsa) as well as the Summer Green Latkes comprised of strawberries, pistachios, Szechuan Honey and Burnt Buttermilk.  I was certainly full after having a go at those two but I do love a bit of meat and as I usually do, I found myself longing for even just a bit of fish or chicken to have gone alongside either.  They had options with both but I figured, let's not half-ass this and gave it a full-on go.

My driver had recommended that I go to the Mexican restaurant/bar, Felipés, located just across the street and feeling a bit adventurous and intrigued to see what the Cambridge night-life was like, so I went.  I spoke to Lina quickly before my food arrived at Alden+Harlow and caught up with Adam, now back in Australia, over my dessert (whisky) but now, given how noisy it was, I was forced to sit alone at the bar like a big girl or somehow find a way to politely insert myself into someone's conversation in the hopes of socialising or maybe even making new friends prior to uni starting up.  Alas, I found this rather difficult and hopped outside to Facetime Asher to update him on my nightmare travels, see his two adorable new Boxer puppies and discuss all things law degree and Bar related.

Towards the end of the night I had actually succeeded in speaking to someone who I wasn't related to, had in my friend group already or was serving me alcohol and we wound up touching on almost all of the topics my Daddy told me to avoid when speaking to new humans--politics being the main topic of conversation.  We exchanged numbers and I stumbled on home, expecting a nasty hangover the day following.  My expectations were certainly met all too well and I spent the majority of my Sunday curled up with my Stitch blanket watching The Princess Diaries 2 & Orange Is The New Black over actual comfort food (BURGERRRRRRRRR) while Polly and 14 members of her church group enjoyed their once-a-month Sunday dinner/gathering.

Note to self: Don't bloody intake your usual volumes of alcohol when all you've essentially eaten that day is quinoa.



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