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08 September, 2018

Starry Night

Hello hellos :)
I hope this post finds you all doing well.

I've been such a good nugget when it comes to shopping seeing as the move to Boston is really, seriously, just around the corner (*hyperventilates*).  I'd noticed for a few months now that my computer cover was looking a bit worse for wear and decided to give Amazon a scan, already in need of new headphones as my other pairs had just called it a day.  I cannot tell you how happy I am now that it's arrive and fitted around my beloved MacBook Air.

I'm a huge fan of van Gogh, one of my favourite of his pieces being "Starry Night" which now protects my computer in a romantic, calming plastic cover.  The quality is already so much better than my previous cover, never-mind leagues prettier and this one was actually cheaper.  I get so happy every time I look at it but should that feeling, or the cover fade with time, the Amazon seller I got it from has a great variety of art-inspired computer covers, available here.



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