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10 September, 2018

Major Laser: Janiko: Pt. 1

Hello gorgeous!
How are we doing today?

I've happened upon an amazing new German brand of shoes called Janiko this summer and they've got some drool-worthy choices.  Everything from your simple suede stilettos to paint-splattered gorgeousness and I, with my very logically way of thinking once shoes become a part of the picture, decided that even with the mass amounts of stuff I've been struggling to shove into as few suitcases as possible that I desperately wanted to snatch a pair or two before heading off!!

I chose to wear my new "Cara"s which arrived alongside a second cheeky pair that I'll be sharing with you all in the following post a few days before my dinner date with Benji & his beau.  My sweet Mama played photographer for me so that I could get in a few solid snaps of both an OOTD (I know we've been missing some!) as well as a sharing of my newest additions.  The weather's been a bit more up-and-down recently so I wasn't feeling super comfortable in going with a summery sandal if it was just going wind up raining but boots also seemed a bit drastic for the evening's events.  Enter: the perfect in-between option.

I expected to have a lot more pain in breaking them in, even with the overall minimal walking involved for the evening but got off pretty easily with just a single blister on one of my front toes. I'm not the biggest fan of faux leather as you all know but I fell head-over-heels (pun very much intended) for these and wanted to give them a go.  I am much more partial to wearing a pair of shoes like these with a great pair of jeans or trousers than I am going bare-legged as given my lack of height, I feel like they can sometimes cut off that bit of elongation in my legs but I don't really think that happened here.  All in all a very happy girl!

If you fancy yourself a look at my new favourite brand or just can't stand for the Cara either, have a look here .

Loving the look?  You know what to do!! Scroll down for a full widget of similar options so you can create the look yourself!



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