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19 September, 2018

Killing It

My first full day in Boston started off with some final London work and thereafter, flat viewings. Given that I'd lost a full day I was even more determined to seriously get the ball rolling on the living sitch as I was at this point, consistently reminded by estate agents, very much aware that the market was a fast, expensive and competitive one this close to the 1st.  It worked out perfectly in that the three units I was set to see were all in the same area so I could view them all one after the other.

First up was a flat that I'd been quite taken with as I was searching overseas and did not, under any circumstances, expect it to still be available once I arrived.  Luckily, and much to both the landlord and estate agent's surprise, it was not only available but had just been knocked down in price as well.  It'd be about a 20-25 min. walk to uni (so, 10-15 for me :P) or a 15 min. bus ride, is in a beautiful and safe area near Fenway Stadium and given that it's a studio, is incredibly spacious with the kitchen, bathroom and walk-in closet (yup, you read right!) all separate to the bedroom/living room.  After rattling off my usual list of questions and having a good look around the place, I let the agent know that I'd write back to him regarding my decision later on in the day but that I did have another two viewings to attend.  Without making any promises, he did say that in comaprison to the other applicants, I'd be a more likely choice for the owners just based on the fact that I'm a graduate student rather than an undergrad.

I wasn't as keen on either of the following properties that were both more expensive, not in quite as nice of an area in my opinion and frankly, just old and run-down, especially given their prices!! I hopped in yet another Uber to head off to sort out my phone at AT&T and to hopefully pick up a new Mac charger in the same go before treating myself to a bit of an exploring session and some grub.  The cab drivers here are so, so lovely and who better to ask about all things Boston than people who, most of the time, are born & bred Bostonians and spend their days driving around their city.  I was told about some of the best places to get various types of food, that if I was ever lost I just needed to figure out what side of the Prudential I was on and warned about traffic which, truly, is absolute madness even in comparison to London.

In the supposed 20 min. wait period at the phone store I popped up to the Mac store and had a bit of a wander around Boylston street.  A good hour later I was finally serviced and got my phone all sorted out, ready for use (finally).  I chose a cute Italian restaurant for a later lunch just in time for the craziest purple and grey clouds to release mass amounts of water down on the city.  I had a lovely classic Margherita pizza toppled with a Caesar salad and a crisp glass of white before making my way back home to Ms. Polly's for a bit more work, fighting against jet-lag, until a safe 10/11 p.m. where I was out like a light!! I can't believe how rough I've been having it with jet-lag since getting here considering I'm used to much larger time differences.  Weird...Any of you have any tips/tricks you use?

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