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06 September, 2018

It Girl

The morning of the 6th. marked Louise's first official day at work (vs training), leaving Caro and I to our own devices.  The plan started off as brunch, first and foremost, some wandering around and a jump in the sea/relaxing in the sun.

We kicked off the day with a beautiful walk through the city, making our way to one of the best brunch spots in Copenhagen, Far's Dreng, that she'd had on her list to try.  Of course we got there just after they stopped serving brunch but their lunch menu was just as tempting.  Caroline got a piece of rye bread with Emmentaler, tomato, avocado, pea shoots and a fried egg whilst I opted for a chicken salad topped with pickled onions and salad for my rye bread-based feast.

Not quite awake yet, we made our way to one of Caro's local and favourite spots, Café Victor for what started off as a lust for more coffee, even with it being well past noon.  With this realisation, we said screw it and started on the bubbles before Laura, suddenly aware of my presence in the city, insisted we stop by to see her at work at Origins, just around the corner.  We were given top service, both receiving customised facials.  I've tried a few of Origins products before but with my skin and lack of patience, nothing ever really came of it.  My skin felt so smooth and healthy after that facial, never mind the power of the aromas from the products that seriously zen-ned me out.  If my skin doesn't get all of this London pollution flushed out on its own soon, I've got some good ideas as to products that will help it out after our pitstop at Magasin.  I seriously cannot get over how soft my skin was and how calm I was following the treatment.  Anyone who know me in the slightest knows that's nothing short of a bloody miracle!!  It was so nice to be able to see Laura and hear what she's been up to since our last meet 4? 5 years back in Odense, even though she was working.  A very tired Louise met up with us, in need of a coffee and a strong drink after a long first day on the job.

What was meant to be a quick cup turned into a few cosy additional rounds of drinks as the rain drizzled down around us.  All three of us were in the mood for pasta for dinner, albeit different ones, so we ordered in and got all cuddle up on the couch for movie time.  Whilst these two satanic creatures giggled their butts off, my heartbeat soared well above what is considered healthy for the two hours it took to get through a scary movie.  I swear they were yawning while I sat there, frozen, literally able to hear my heart beating.  Caro had to get up early the next day for work so she turned in thereafter while Louise stayed with me to watch a less frightening film in the hopes that I wasn't going to squish my way in between them in the middle of the night :P

Louise and I packed our bags and grabbed some brunch at a café near the station the next morning, making our way back to Fyn after two wonderful days together thereafter.  Mormor picked me up in Svendborg and her, Morfar and myself had a nice cup of coffee together before she and I went for a lovely, refreshing dip in the sea.  Later on that evening we enjoyed a classic Danish dinner, compliments of Mama, consisting of fried pork belly with potatoes, green beans and parsley sauce before attempting to turn in for an nearly night's sleep.



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