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26 September, 2018

Here We Go

Hello everyone :)

I settled into Cambridge very easily, almost too easily as it got to the point where the idea of not coming home after a long day to Polly's house just seemed wrong!! I am so excited to setup my new place, I just hope I get as comfortable there as I have here (hopefully more).  I wandered around a bit, found a cute local coffee shop to get some pre-school work done and all of a sudden I was thrust into the whirlwind of information overload that is orientation!

Firstly, I can't get over the fact that we were actually given mini copies of The Constitution. A lot of our three-day long orientation was really useful information but man, those are some long days and I can't help but feel that it could have been made more compact.  Thankfully I clicked really well with two Lebanese girls (I've clearly got a friendship "type... :P ) Tala and Hola, right from the get-go and it's nice when you're starting up at a new place to already have someone to call your "comfort zone".

Everyone seems really nice, staff and students alike, and so extremely well accomplished and educated.  It's daunting but incredibly exciting all at the same time!  We went for a quick welcome drink on our first day just to take in that painting-like view of Boston from above and later on in the week, Tala, Hola and myself grabbed a bit of dinner and a few glasses of wine at a cute restaurant nearby to get to know each other a bit more.  I'm getting some good vibes from these two gorgeous ladies so hopefully this is a pattern that will continue on well into the year!!


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