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08 September, 2018

Gettin' By

Morning everyone!!

Here are some of the last few snaps from my short time in Denmark this summer.  In the middle of my hectic working and moving preparations Mama and I thankfully managed to squeeze in a few card games, yummy home-cooked meals and binge-watching of Bones.  She also gave me my graduation present early so that way I could bring them with me to Boston.  I got a beautiful black and silver (YAY! YAY!) pair of earrings to match the black and silver ring she gave me when I was in Denmark last for my Mormor's 80th. birthday as a belated b-day gift.

Fyn finally got some much-needed rain but that meant we had an unexpected visitor crawling around in our pond the next morning.  I've since decided that hedgehogs are my new favourite animal--so cute!! Mama was off to a double 50th. birthday party for the night, leaving Bølle, Mitzy and I to fend for ourselves.  I made use of the alone time by getting started on the unfortunate unpacking and repacking scenario, sorting through everything that came from London and deciding what was going to make the cut to come with me to the East Coast.  The "final cut" was weaved down to nine suitcases it total which I realise sounds like a lot but considering it's currently boiling everywhere in the world I can only imagine that will mean that Boston's notoriously harsh winters will be even more so this year and that makes packing a pain in the a$$!!  Three of the suitcases will be following me to the airport and onwards whereas the rest will be shipped over as soon as I (hopefully...) find and secure a flat to call my home for this year (?).  I gave myself a much needed break in between it all, cosying up in my sweatshirt with a glass of wine in hand, access to Youtube and Jane The Virgin and having a relaxing night in with my two baby brothers before jumping into a few crazily jam-packed days ahead once Mama returned.

I scooped up two adorable notebooks to help with the organisation of the up & coming school year as well which I probably am far too excited about (the notebooks, not the school year...the school year I'm over-the-moon excited/nervous about!!) and thankfully got to spend almost a full day with my sweet cousins, Benji & Camilla before having a wonderful dinner with the Nissens.

Now in crunch-time with three days 'til departure, mornings began at 7 AM, desperately downing coffee until the last second where we'd hop in the car and start off on our respective appointments.  I'd been having some ear pain the last month and thankfully got a time to see the specialist just to ensure that I wasn't suddenly going to wind up on a 7 hour flight with vertigo.  Thankfully, everything looked normal but the doc said that the random sharp-shooting pain could be attributed to extra pressure in my neck and head area because of my shoulder injury...goodie.  I grabbed a coffee and shot off some emails before making my way down to my final Chiropractor appointment where it was established that an MRI or ultra-sound will need to be requested alongside a specialist and continued visits to a Chiropractor and likely physical therapist once in Boston.  Another coffee was secured, taking cover from the rain and making use of my time working until making my way to my nail appointment.  How I've longed to have my babies back on again!! There just didn't seem like an awful lot of a point in having them done only to ruin them running around in the garden and packing most of the time.

Two days before my departure, Benji and I had set up a dinner so that I could FINALLY meet his boyfriend of almost one year.  We had a lovely meal and some wine, getting to know each other bit by bit and I have to say, as protective as I am, I'm so happy they've found each other.  They suit each other so well and Martin seems like an amazing guy.  We grabbed a single round of cocktails before calling it an early night like responsible adults (bleh) & made our way back to our homes.  So, so happy we got this time together thought!

All for now lovelies!! Not many more Danish posts coming your way soon.  After all this hype, I'll soon be in Boston! EEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!! :D

Have a good one!


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