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23 September, 2018

Free To All

Sweet Ms. Polly (my Airbnb host) invited me to accompany her on a tour of Boston Library, led by no-one else but her son-in-law who volunteers frequently there as a tour guide.  This meant that she also kindly showed me both the bus and metro system in the process which was fantastic to try out with the help of a resident.  Boston Library is the oldest library in the US and the story of how it came to be is as interesting as it is inspirational and beautiful.  The dream of the founders was simple: free access to worldly knowledge for all.  Everything about this building was breath-taking.  As our amazing guide told us, we walked through Europe--Italy, France and Spain--many of the architects and artists who contributed to the construction and decoration of the library non-US citizens at the time.  He aptly noted that this library was, as so many other remarkable parts of US history and current livelihood are here because of the hard work of immigrants.

I'm so happy I got to do this and with Polly nonetheless.  It was a really cool experience to have so early on in my arrival and I have no doubt I'll be back soon to utilise and enjoy the library in all of its grandeur.  Until then, I headed off for a bit of a celebratory lunch, to toast to the wonderful events of yesterday, before making my way to BU for my re-scheduled academic advisory meeting.




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