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27 September, 2018

Dashing Duo

7 months apart just never feels any weirder than when you finally see your baby sister again, hopping out of a cab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, wearing the shirt of you about to eat a durum that you  made her, with a Boston University cap on, blow-up mattress in tow, ready to be your cheerleader and numero uno assistant for your move-in weekend.  Given not just the time that's passed but the circumstances under which we saw each other last time and the insane amounts of changes that have happened between now in then just made that moment all the more surreal.

I couldn't be happier or feel any luckier to have the other half of this dashing duo by my side to help out with everything and to, even if just for a few days, get to experience a bit of my new home with me.  I don't think I've had a family member there to help me move in since my Dad, Lina, and grandparents drove with me to Nyborg to help unload all of my things into my tiny boarding school room eight years ago!!

She was knackered after the long train ride up so while she got a bit of shut-eye, I consumed more coffee than I should be allowed and got a few logistics in place before she awoke from her morning slumber and we had a nice chat with Mamacita, letting her know that we were all safe, reunited, and ready to take on Boston!!

We wandered up to Harvard Square in search of some lunch at a cute little place at settled on Harvest where Lina kicked off our feast with one of "the best corn chowders" she'd ever had, while I opted for a massive Burrata-centred concoction with nuts, blueberries and beets.  She followed up her chowder with a turkey sandwich and I, a burger which we tucked into so quickly I didn't manage to grab pictures.

Content and fed, we continued onwards to Anthropologie where I picked up a pretty black set of earrings and an amazing planner, saw a bit of Harvard's never-ending campus and picked up some vino to enjoy on the porch before having a bouquet pulled together as a thank you to sweet Ms. Polly.  It was his first Fall bouquet of the year and bless her, she was absolutely enamoured with it.

I'm in complete disbelief as to how I've been here for two weeks, that Lina is here, and that come tomorrow, I'll be moving into a new place once again and actually have a blood-relation here to celebrate and slave away with me in getting it liveable and loveable.



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