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23 September, 2018


Following the 23rd. of August, for the first time in my life, I've selected/have been given a favourite/lucky number: 23.  I heard back from Boston University regarding a follow-up email I'd shot off as when I received my Financial Aid package I quickly noticed that while I was eligible for multiple loans, there was no mention of scholarships.  Upon opening their response, I found myself turning into an absolute puddle of happy, streaming tears in 0.2 seconds as I was presented with an apology message outlining an electronic glitch that meant I wasn't informed earlier of the scholarship the university had decided to award me.  Excuse me while I AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! What even?!?!?! Over-the-moon doesn't even seem to do it justice.

 I rang up Mama to share the good news and she lost it!!!!! I'd literally just finished submitting my two loan applications, signing away my financial freedom in the hopes of pursuing a higher education only to be met with the phenomenal news that hell, your girl is going to be quite a few thousand dollars less in debt!!!!!!!!! EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH I have no chill.

I haven't been able to apply for any Danish scholarships as of yet since my London transcripts won't be available until late September/early October but I'm going to start prepping as much as I can soon so that way once I have my transcripts I can attach them and shoot the rest off!! It will be interesting to see how much of my tuition and living I will be able to have covered by means other than loans but everything in Denmark is taking it's bloody time.  As it stands, I've been working with SU since November of last year and still, nothing's ready.  Incredible, no?  Patience has never been my strong suit but I've just got to accept that I've done all I can for now and that I'll hear back from them when I hear back from them.

As if that wasn't amazing enough news for the day week month y e a r, I got a text from my estate agent letting me know that the owners accepted my application and that we were set to proceed with the lease agreement and deposit transfer!!!!! WHATTTTTTTTT?!??!?!?!?!?!??! I felt on top of the world, absolutely speechless as to how much luck had changed from issue after issue on the way over to a positively positive turn of events that, to me, just said "see, it was all worth it!"  I've been stressing endlessly over both the financial strain of deciding to go to University in America as well as whether or not I'd be able to find and secure a flat in time for classes to start on the 4th. of September and well, the universe threw me a rather sizeable few bones!!

I collected myself enough to get ready for my academic advising meeting with the Assistant Dean and to go see the BU campus for the first time.  I was so taken aback by how absolutely massive Boston University's domain was.  Not living over here for a sizeable time period has meant that very well-known facts like uni campuses are insanely huge have escaped my mind, even after having visiting Lina in DC for Christmas.  WOW.  Big and beautiful, a mix between the old architecture and newer, modern buildings abuzz with life.  Fan-girling!!

I got there a bit early, thankfully, because I knew I would get lost one way or another.  While I easily managed to located the Law School, finding the right floor was a bit of a challenge considering there were 13? 15? of them to choose between.  I'm not gonna lie, what happened next, disappointing as it was, was a source of relief for me.  Turns out, they'd expected me at 10:45 rather than 16:45, the complication attributed to the time difference when I'd booked in my meeting time online prior to arrival.  I was kind of oddly happy with this because as amazing of a morning as I'd had, I naturally wait for the other shoe to drop as soon as I get that much good news in such a short time period.  Just a little mix-up like that already let me breathe easier, no harm, no foul, meeting rebooked for the following day to discuss my goals, perspective, hopes and focus for the coming year.



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