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25 August, 2018

Yellow Joy, Light Blue Finds & A Red Wonder

Just incase I were to forget, I'm just going to start off my saying that as sweet Mama and I made our way in to Svendborg for our joint chiropractor appointment we passed the cutest old man with a truck full of Sunflowers and my heart almost burst!  Mormor came with a huge bouquet for us earlier on in the week so we didn't need them but I'm beginning to wonder  hope that she got them from him!
Right, back to an overview of the last few days of July...

We arrived in really good time so we had a look around to see what was happening in the town square and of course I ran off with a new, beautiful, vintage ring.  The same stand that I'd bought my beautiful white & black marbled stone silver ring last summer had returned and one of the ladies, with a photographic memory, remembered me!  I feel like this ring just screams "Scandinavian Goddess" and if you disagree, we can't be friends.   Simple as.  The only reason I say Scandinavian is the beautiful light blue colour of the stone and the fact that, well, it's been purchased in a Scandinavian country. 

I recall the man saying that the stone is a type of turquoise and while I know there are a ridiculous amount of types of turquoise, paired with some other nuggets of wisdom he blessed us with, I find it a bit hard to believe.  I think it might be a light blue Amazonite or Apache Tears since it looks quite Native American to me but hey, I'm no expert.  Maybe even a sort of polished Moonstone? Would love to hear your guesses!  I've done my best at finding some similar options below :)

I almost feel bad for the chiropractors for having to deal with three Fabricius folk if it weren't for the fact that we've probably paid for their summerhouse by now.  She'd seen my Morfar the day prior, both of us earlier on in the week and now, double trouble!

The flat hunting has been kicked into full gear!! Man, Boston is expensive.  I thought London, or whenever I make my way to New York, would stand as the most expensive places I'd ever live but rents are skyrocketing seemingly everywhere, making buying honestly a better option in my eyes.  Instead of essentially just throwing money out the window renting, with these prices, I could be paying off my mortgage monthly for less!  How crazy is that?! Imagine if I purchased a 2 bedroom flat, reviewed roommate options and then had two incomes to put towards the mortgage.  Unfortunately, with the research I've done and with very little US-baed credit, being a first-time buyer in a city like Boston will be a headache and a half so alas, here we are, browsing flats.

In the middle of doing university work and prep I'm making a solid effort at soaking up some sunshine to secure a tan that can prove I was indeed outside and enjoying this particularly warm summer.  This, however, has proven to be more difficult than anticipated as Mama simply cannot take the heat and insists on staying inside 98% off the time until the sun's gone down and well, tanning becomes pointless. I obviously want to spend as much time with her as possible but I'll be damned if I don't show up in Boston looking brown and delicious!! In this time I also did a bit of a forest nymph-inspired "feeling myself" selfie shoot, oo la la!!  Coming soon.

As I'm sure you all know, the longest blood moon eclipse of the century happened on the 27th. of July and after having hopped in the shower, settling down for the night, I made sure to go outside and soak it all in.  Mama was a step ahead of me, adorably sitting in our "witches' circle" with both Mitzy and Bølle by her side. What a sight!! Am I the only one who found that I couldn't look at it for too long though?  It seemed so bright, I kept having to look into the darkness a bit before redirecting my gaze at the moon.  Of course Mama managed to temporarily misplace the camera battery we'd specifically left to charge all day for this event so all I managed picture-wise was these rather disappointing shots, shared below. Maybe it was because of the blood moon or maybe it was the rain dance that both Mormor, Helene and I had done a few days prior but Fyn finally got a bit of much needed rain!  I love the smell of rain.  Everything just sparkles in stillness, coated in wet drops that the plants nourishingly soak up.  With my allergies, my sense of smell has all but disappeared but even though it wasn't an awful lot of rain, the scent still lingered.

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying whatever may be on your summer schedules!

Big love,


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