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29 August, 2018

Wherever, Whenever

My sweet sister from another mister, Po, stayed with us for a couple of days where her first day was spent getting caught up on all things life and getting up to all sorts of cheeky drunken shenanigans.

What better way to cure a hangover than hand-picking 45 kgs of cherry plums?!  Yep, you read that right!!  We picked that tree bare!!

Given that we'd been out in the sun, labouring away for a good 3 hrs. it wasn't all too surprising that after some well earned snacks in the shade/sun we were plum tuckered out (BAHHAHAHA I'M FUNNY.) . We magically found enough energy after a little cool-down period to head on over to the Vester-Skerninge Kro with a few kilos for Sanne to have fun with.  She all but thrust the keys in my hand, insisting that Polina get a full tour of the picturesque inn that I used to work at.  Every time I walk away from there it is with such found memories, a sense of pride and an ever-growing amount of admiration and respect for the owner.

Po's second and last night out in the countryside was an earlier one than the day prior but cosy and wonderful nonetheless with wine, food and card games galore. Always a pleasure having you by my side babygirl.  Can't wait for next time...whenever and wherever that may be.



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