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07 August, 2018

To The Island Of Fernando!

On July 12th., a big 'ol moving truck with my Denmark-bound container took up a sizeable stretch of Fulham Palace Road for all of 40 min.  I'd already carried down everything my horrible shoulder and back could manage (about 90% of my 6 cubic metres) so once the moving men rocked up, all that was left to do was to stick labels on everything for their inventory, move the big stuff downstairs and load up the truck.

It was my first time using these guys as I am impartial to Svendborg Møbeltransport (SM) who's dealt with three generations of Fabricius Ahlgreens and our affliction for moving quite frequently but they were unfortunately not going to be in London at the time.  Following a chain of emails I had going with Inter Express and a phone call to one of our favourite guys at SM, I was recommended to accepted the great quote they'd given me and book in my date for pick-up.  They were friendly and helpful in the emails and on the phone and upon arrival were quick, efficient and careful.  Everything has since then arrived in Denmark with no signs of damage for what I can see at a quick glance.  If this turns out differently, bet your bottom dollar you'll hear it from me lovelies!! Otherwise, to any of you Danes in London or other humans currently living in that big beautiful city who've decided to head onwards to a Nordic country, I can highly recommend using this website, firstly, which will send out all of your moving-related information to all of the moving companies in that country who will contact you with their individual quotes and availability.  If Inter Express gives you a shout from there, all thumbs up from me to proceed with them!!

Exhausted and sweaty, I quickly hoped into the shower, got ready and headed to TKH for a quick drink to see what was happening with some of my favourites before booking it into Mayfair to see two of my OG's, Mette & Lily, for a farewell dinner at The Mayfair Hotel/Kitchen/Bar.

Mette was stuck at work for a bit, leaving lovely Lily and myself a bit of one-on-one time for a few glasses of wine and bubbles over a (as per usual) long overdue catchup sesh.  Becoming a bit peckish, we had a look-see over the menu and made a move indoors to the restaurant section for a bit of food.

By the time we decided between all of the different "Kitchen" sections they had to offer, we realised we'd ended up choosing everything from their "Bar Bites" bit and were still allowed to sit outside in the cosy warmth of the city during summer.  Feeling a bit piggy and indecisive, we decided to start with some Calamari followed with an order of every one of their taco options--tuna with chilli lemon, vegetable with tomato salsa, dry-rubbed short rib with smoked chilli mayo and chilli lime chicken.  This left us four tacos to devour each.  Plenty...right?! Wrong.

Our waiter could barely contain himself when he brought them out as he glanced upon our shocked faces, giggling uncontrollably.  I've never seen such tiny tacos in my life!! Each one was no bigger than the length of a thumb!  Didn't recall seeing that on the menu.  We tucked in, nonetheless, assuring him that should we decide to "pig out" any further that we wouldn't hesitate to ask.  They packed a punch, small as they were.  They were crunchy, spicy, savoury--everything you could ask for in a good taco but alas, we were nowhere near being full.  In the chaos of preparing for the moving company I hadn't managed to eat all that much and delicious as these powerful puny bites were, it wasn't enough to satisfy us.  Mette arrived in time for a few glasses of Rosé and to experience remnants of our dumfounded states over the food, already having eaten herself.

Apparently Lily and I both had a favourite out of the four so we ordered another plate of the dry-rubbed short rib and smoked chilli mayo to balance out our constant flow of alcohol and rumbling bellies.  Unfortunately we weren't as lucky this time around with them.  The meat had been overcooked to a strange dry, overly crunchy consistency that we couldn't help but mention so that no one else would encounter the same.  Shame, but at least they were beautifully cooked the first time around!  Must say that yes, of course, with this genre of food one is to expect an extra 'kick' but man, that calamari did us in.  The dipping that had come alongside the also, unfortunately, overcooked pieces had finely diced green jalapeños, seeds and all, throughout.  If it's not already known, my tastebuds are about as Danish as they come, even having lived 15 years on the border to Mexico and a huge fan of the food.  However Lily, a Greek Cypriot Brit, used to all sorts of flavours even admitted it was rather potent.

Throwing in the towel on our dinner feast, us three Wembley originals made our way to the Bar section of the hotel for a few more until Mette, with a line-up of important meetings awaiting her early the next morning, left us two to our own devices.  Lily and I walked up to street to Sketch for what we, at this point, decided would be our nightcap.  We ordered two glasses of French Rosé in the odd space-ship like section of the establishment, making our way to the Enchanted Forest to nibble stuff ourselves on their ridiculously good nut selection, chatting away.

Just about to ordered our rides home, Lily got a message from a friend of hers asking if we'd been keen on joining him at a club nearby.  Nowhere near to call it a night in all honesty, we made our way to Maddox, not leaving until it was disgustingly bright outside.  After attempting two afterparties unsuccessfully we finally made our way in for an girly, drunken cuddle and said our "see you laters".  I sat in the back of that Uber like a dog, head stuck out the window, wind in my face, hoping to sober up just a little by the time I hit Fulham where I made my way up to my flat to pack a little overnight bag before heading to the SME (Sofia, Mads, Emma) household where I'd be spending the rest of my time in London.

It was weird to see it so empty with all of my things, bar two suitcases and a handbag, having been collected earlier on in the day, coupled with Mads' valiant post-work runs back and forth our place and the new one with everything he was keeping.  Whatever was left between that had been taken apart, given to friends, donated, tossed, leaving only a few bits and bobs to take up what suddenly felt like a very large space.

Thank you two sweet girls for such an unexpectedly long but fun evening.  Can't wait to see you again :*



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