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24 August, 2018

The Three P's

Outdoor adventurers were slightly limited given the heat but we made do, coming up with a million and one different ways to entertain our little visitor.  I pranced through the sprinklers, hoping to lure Louie in to cool down as well, running back and forth and dancing like the true Water Goddess I am but alas, no avail.  We're going to have to drag poor Bølle out and spray him down with the hose as well because our sweet big black Lab is seemingly about to collapse from heat stroke.  Mama slow-roasted a pork roast with rind for dinner alongside potatoes and green goodies from the garden for a light summer salad.

Mama headed in to Odense the day following for her doctor appointments while us three ventured into Svendborg for a bit of window shopping and nostalgically gazing throughout our sweet little town.  I also thankfully had a chiropractor appointment setup after having walked around for well over a year with a shoulder injury on my right side.

I'd requested a referral to a specialist once it occurred to me that it wasn't just a bit of pain stemming from over-doing it in a workout but that I'd definitely sustained some sort of serious injury.  That request was made in November!! Every time I've been to the GP since, I've informed them that it's only been getting worse and that I really needed them to push for that specialist to get back to me.  All I ended up getting out of that was instruction to cease my many attempts at changing my workout routine so not to further aggravate it as until the injury was pin-pointed and treated.  I even asked for recommendations to go private but no no, couldn't do that either.

Anyways, turns out that either via a dramatic injury of some sort or bit by bit over time, my shoulder has gotten completely out of place, creeping forward and leaving far too much space on my upper back where the blade is and thereby shortening the distance between my bicep, collarbone and neck.  I was getting concerned when  the pain that once was just localised to the bicep area of my shoulder started worsening and moving to other parts of my body as well, even thinking I was getting paranoid when looking at pictures of myself and believing that my right side was almost "hanging" in comparison to my left.  She was not very happy with my overall condition (back, hips, knees...the usual sha-bang) but particularly concerned with getting that shoulder back in place before Boston.  After just one, extremely painful session with Hanne, I'm already straightening up again so that's fantastic but man, it's been some rough days.  She wants to see me twice a week every week before I go so while it's expensive, it's not like I can just run around with my dominant shoulder in a state.  All of that lifting, packing and cleaning I was doing before leaving for Denmark definitely made a negative impact...good to know I'm not a paranoid little wimp after all!!

Following the appointment and finally also getting my beloved silver Ray Bans fixed, the three of us made our way to Mormor and Morfars' for some lunch and time by the sea.  Incredibly so, 8 years have flown by since Helene has seen them last so she was excited to get to see them again after so much time where so many things have happened.  Namely, Louie.  We had a lovely lunch and while Morfar napped, Helene, Louie & I went crab fishing!!  Leave it to me to still have a competition going with a 5-year-old.  He did amazingly!! By the end of it we wound up with 17 crabbies in different shapes and colours before releasing them back into the ocean.  I find that hunting them is much easier while actually in the water, stringed bait in one hand and a net in the other, so I'd already swam around a bit by the time Mormor came down to join me but in that perfect temperature, ugh, they could have left me to my own devices for hours on end.  I've so been lusting after a dip in the sea with the soaring summer temperatures these past few months.  Even without the heat, I don't mind it being a bit nippy--so long as I get to swim!!

After some ice-cream, bubble blowing and coffee, the trip went back to Vester Skerninge for a bit of work, play-time and chats on their last day on Fyn.  Mama made the most gorgeous cream cheese and sun-dried tomato filled pork tenderloin, crisp salad-y goodness and a creamy red-wine sauce spilled over our pasta.  Helene and I ate until we genuinely felt ill but man was it worth it!!  We got a bit of adult alone time to speak more in depth to Helene with Louie settling down for bedtime nicely after a final story time session with yours truly.  I'm going to miss this little charmer and his long-legged Goddess of a mother...Hopefully not too much time will pass before we see each other again.  I want to see him before he's towering over me! It's been so great having so much time with them, under good circumstances, and in the beauty of the Danish summer!

Once we'd dropped off our visitors from the Caribbean, a good re-organising/cleaning session throughout the household was very much my humble opinion.  I'd just planned on actually unpacking now that I had my guest room again but that somehow turned into me opening everything that came from London and sorting through what I wanted to use for my next three weeks here.  Luckily, so far, it looks as though everything breakable has arrived in good standing.  I haven't unpacked the rolls and rolls of bubble-wrapped items quite yet but I'm feeling pretty good about it.  Since I'd taken it all out of their boxes, suitcases and bags anyways I picked out a few decorative bits that won't be coming Trans-Atlantic with me and might just look quite nice in the guest bed and bath.
It's amazing what some paintings, pictures and plants can do to personalise a space.  It was cute and beautifully done up before, no doubt, but now it actually looks like someone lives there!  We're definitely going to have to get some clothing rails to cope with my "excess" amount of clothing--both that in use and that which will be left behind.  To be frank, they'd be great, not just for me, but the dressers in there just don't fit all too much in the overall so whomever decides to pop in and visit Mama next can also have a bit more space to unpack in.



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