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31 August, 2018

Like A Firefly

Louise is starting up at university again this coming fall and I'm so so proud of her for a million and one reasons.  Given that she'll soon be a student at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) she is eligible for a student job as well and damn, she landed that too!! Until the details of moving are sorted out, she's been commuting back and forth for work and seeing as Caro's now lived in CPH for two years now, a trip to the capital was like hitting two birds with one stone.  Caroline also just so happened to have her new flat all to herself for a few days, making a doubled-up visit all the more perfect.

My new headphones arrived just in time for the trip and wow, I have to say, the sound quality on the new Apple Air Pods is insanely good in comparison to that you receive in their usual make of headphones.  Louise and I managed to get the same train from Odense to Copenhagen, one of the fast ones as well, so in no time at all we were standing outside of central station trying to locate a smiley Caro.  We dropped our stuff off at her amazing new flat and went off to locate some lunch and kick off the reunion in style over a few glasses bottles of wine.  I had a chicken club sandwich with bacon, mozzarella, avocado, salad, tomatoes and three types of dressing.  OH.MY.GOD.  When it first arrived I didn't think, starving as I was, not having eaten until this point, that there was a chance in hell that I'd finish it but, alas, my plate was licked clean.  From there, we went to Caro's work, MASH where we drank the night away over beautifully made cocktails and bottle after bottle of Rosé before succumbing to the tempting calls of PJ's, pizza and durums.

I can't believe how long we've known each other by now.  We were all such babies back in the day when we first met at boarding in Nyborg and while so much has changed, we're still so very much the same when we're together.



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