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23 August, 2018


In the craziness of the past few months my Mum forgot to update me on the outcome of Impuls (read more here for the backstory) and the phenomenal news that they are safe from the threat of Svendborg budget cuts (for now) and can continue on in doing all of their fantastic work and projects.  I was only reminded when she gifted me with the pot of beeswax lip balm that they'd made this season in their first go of honey harvesting and I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone to signed the petition.  You've made such a remarkably positive difference in the lives of many and I'm so thankful that Svendborg saw how important a place like Impuls is and has let them be.

In all honesty, I can't quite remember what we really did on my first day back at Mama's though I do recall trying to catch up on some sleep and ticking off a couple of things from the current to-do list. Bless him, Louie's had a rough go with the jet lag this time around and that combined with my already very much existent insomnia, night-owl tendencies and the emotional exhaustion of leaving London and you get a decently overtired Emilie!

A couple of cups of coffee and rounds of cards later and I, for one, was out in the sun, happily collecting handful upon handful of Danish peas, my absolute favourite, "Magic Beans", lettuce, potatoes and some berries to use for dinner where Mormor and Morfar came over to join us. Mama marinated the vegetables in her homemade rose vinegar with dill, olive oil and pure, raw honey from Impuls' crazy big first harvest.  The four of us noshed away on ham, oven-baked potatoes and the sweet & sour marinated veg salad, somehow able to chow down on meringue, lemon gelato and berries for dessert.

Sometimes it's the days where nothing big comes to mind that are the most needed.  It's good to be home :)



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