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22 August, 2018

Garden Of Eden

After two days in Hillerød filled with bonding time, catchups, playing, constant nibbling and a homemade swing, I made my way to Fyn to see the rest of the family and attempt to settle in a tiny bit.  I'm not sure how well I will manage to do so as Helene and Louie are set to come visit Mama & I in the coming week to stay for a few days but I'm going to at least try to take a little breather before the entire unpacking/repacking sha-bang takes place amongst seeing old friends, spending quality time with the fam, sorting out everything for Boston and hopefully, enjoying a bit of the magnificent Danish summer I can't live without.

The journey was long and exhausting but it's always worth it when you get those cuddles.  Mormor picked me up from the station and drove me out to Vester Skerninge where Mama, Mitzy and Bølle stood ready and waiting for my arrival.  I thought Bølle was about to have a heart attack when I came with not just Mormor in tow (we are, no questions asked, two of his favourite humans) but with our lovely neighbour and her sweet black lab just out front as well.  THE EXCITEMENT!!!

Mama had a yummy antipasto spread for me lined up for a quick and light supper enjoyed even more being followed by a relaxing, awe-filled walk through the yard to have a look-see at all of the many fresh, organic goodies awaiting me in the garden.

The pictures Mama's been sending me these past couple of months barely do it justice!  The garden is absolutely thriving, even with the heat wave.  Figs, sunflowers, radishes, peas, beans, , pumpkins, edible flowers, herbs galore, potatoes, red current berries, black current berries, strawberries, raspberries, squash, tomatoes, peppers, grapes, cherry plums, cucumbers, apples, plums and rows and rows of different types of lettuce.

I so appreciate the effort it goes into the creation and maintenance of such a glorious garden and will definitely be lending a hand whilst I'm here to ensure we get as much "farm to table" deliciousness as humanly possible.  There's nothing better than homegrown, organic, fresh produce!!  I guess it's a good thing watering is almost a form of meditation for me because with all of this, it took me easily about 30 min. to give it all a nice liquid boost before playing few rounds of 500 with Mama and retiring in my adorable little guest bedroom.



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