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27 August, 2018

Food, Glorious Food

Based on this, it really looks like all we do is eat which...I can't necessarily say all too much against except that the more meet-ups on the books, the more food becomes even more of a central points of my life!

Leif and one of Mama's neighbours came over for dinner where we had some steaks and oven-baked potatoes drenched in Bérnaise sauce with green beans and a salad comprised of lettuce, tomatoes, squash and beets.  I seriously cannot get enough of having fresh veg every day alongside our meals.  Nothing beats homegrown!

The day following I met up with Mads in Odense for lunch at UBN and to spend some time with his family and say my farewells to them all.  He joined Mama and I for some pizza and conversation back in Vester-Skerninge but had to head back rather early as the whole family was headed to Jylland for a full day at the amusement park.  It was so strange to say goodbye to everyone in London and seeing as Denmark was where Mads and I first met five years ago, it felt a lot better and somehow easier being able to part ways back where it all began.

Mormor, Morfar, Lise and Erling came out to us for some scrumptious sushi for din din on the 31st. and frankly, with the exception of anything surrounding consuming food, I'm drawing a total blank as to exactly what my time was used towards in the last few days of July.  A good assumption would be quality time with Mama, Boston prep, Boston prep, Boston prep, Boston prep ad gardening :P

I hope you're all doing well!


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