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31 August, 2018

Bonding Over Butter

Once we'd sent Polina off with the train to Odense and checked off yet another trip to the chiropractor, Mama and I went to Impuls for another new and creative Mother-Daughter experience.  On this occasion, we, along with the rest of the crew, tried our luck at making our own lotion bars and body lotion.

It was so much easier than I expected both by way of what ingredients were necessary, the process and the short time it took.  The only two thing that I'd like to point out since I'd love to share how we concocted these self-care treats is the mess and the potential cost of materials. Thankfully Impuls had an industrial dishwasher to help out with cleaning the tools but man, you get sticky and slippery no matter how hard you try to avoid it!

I didn't think that the prices were that bad (35 kr./£4/$6 a piece) (especially if you already have most of it!!) considering the ingredients we were using, all of the tools being made available to us and the fact that hell, it's not like we were making them in bulk which is otherwise, usually, always cheaper.

The money also went straight back to Impuls so that they can continue to provide support to vulnerable people, including activities like this that provide them with the opportunity to learning new skills while experiencing a fun and creative activity in a safe social setting.

Two lotion bars, two pots of body lotion and a few cups of coffee later, we made our way home to enjoy some heated and hilarious rounds of Trivial Pursuit, Bones and chicken fajitas.  For those of you interested in learning how to make either a lotion bar or body lotion at home, read on!!

We doubled up on the ingredients so that each of us would have one but I will write out the measurements needed to make one.  In addition to the following you will need access to a stove, fridge, freezer, measuring cups, a kitchen scale, metal bowls, mixing bowls, spoons, a pot, an electronic mixer, silicone spatula, cupcake holder, and a jar.

-35 grams of Cocoa butter
-15 grams of Shea butter
-5-10 drops of chosen essential oils (Optional)

**Side-note: We used an essential rose oil and an orange one, respectively.

**Side-note #2:  Us cheeky honey/bee-lovers also decided to add a little something extra into both of our mixtures--namely, beeswax.  As as none of the ingredients in either of these two recipes act as preservatives and honey is a natural preservative, we thought it might be smart to add a few pieces in as well.  It couldn't/didn't hurt!!  Do remember that in making either of these that because of the lack of preservatives, beeswax or not, they will need to be kept refrigerated.

-Put all of your ingredients into a metal bowl.
-Pour enough water into a pot to cover the bottom of the metal bowl and bring to a light boil.
-Place your metal bowl of ingredients into the warm water and let it melt, stirring once in awhile to help.
-Once your mixture has melted into a clump-less liquid, pour slowly into your cupcake holder.
-Place the cupcake holder in the fridge for 30 min.-1 hr.  (We notice that those of us who used beeswax in our lotion bars had ours solidify much faster than the others.)
-Remove and enjoy!! These are great for particularly rough/dry skin areas such as elbows and heels.

-50 grams of Shea butter
-50 grams of Cocoa butter
-1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil
-1 tablespoon of olive oil
-2 teaspoons of Jojoba oil
-1 teaspoon of E-vitamin
-1 teaspoon of Castor oil
-5-10 drops of chosen essential oils (Optional)
-A few pieces of Beeswax

-Put all of the aforementioned ingredients EXCEPT for the essential oils into a metal bowl
-Pour enough water into a pot to cover the bottom of the metal bowl and bring to a light boil.
-Place your metal bowl of ingredients into the warm water and let it melt, stirring once in awhile to help.
-Once your mixture has again melted into a clump-less liquid, take it out and add your essential oils now.
-Pour the mixture slowly into a mixing bowl.
-Place the mixing bowl into the freezer, uncovered, for approximately 30-40 min.  It will be ready to be taken on once it's solidified.  Rather it be a bit too hard than a bit too soft but this part's really just up to your own senses/gut feeling.  Mind you, don't let it get too hard or you'll not be a huge fan of yourself for this next part...
-Once the mixture has satisfactorily solidified, start up your electronic mixers and whisk away until it looks like, well, a strangely coloured homemade whipped cream.  You'll probably need that silicone spatula I mentioned above and/or a spoon to help scrape down the sides.  If you're finding that it's a bit too tough, add a spoonful more of coconut oil and try mixing again.  We had to do this and while I was ready to add another spoonful thereafter, a little more mixing did the trick so do use this tip sparingly (who likes super oily lotion?).
-Fill the lotion into your jar of choice and enjoy its moisturising goodness!!

A big thanks to Impuls for coming up with yet another great activity and allowing me to join you all in doing so!!  Always a pleasure.



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