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10 August, 2018

Better Now

As could be expected, my last week was jam-packed with page after page of to-do lists needing to be checked off before I left English soil.  This meant that much as I would have so happily have joined in on the anti-Trump protests taking place, I was unable to go as the flat needed to be cleared out and given a good clean.  Steve, however, was very much present and send some wonderful pictures my way that I thought I'd share with you all.

Before getting down to work, Sofia and I shared a few hours in the park one more time. Jenna and Nicky came to collect my "shoe shelves" and mirror soon thereafter and Mads started filled in the holes from paintings, pictures etc. while Sofia helped me set out my desk, office chair and bed frame for collection.  While Mads filled and sanded away we decided a cold treat was in order before I stripped down to my bikini once more and absolutely drenched in sweat, cleaned our home one last time and took the last few things to the SME flat.  After having a bit of a breather, Mads accompanied me for one last well-deserved burger from Bloom with all the works (blue cheese, bacon, roasted peppers, avocado, egg...) and a pint.

Saturday rolled around meaning one last hoorah at a place that I've come to feel just about as much at home at as my actual home...TKH.  I also finally got to meet Toni's amazing Mama who was in town from South Africa.  Belinda, what a joy!! She reminds me so much of my own Mama so it's no surprise that we had an absolute ball together chatting away about academics, men, raising children, travel, get the jist...before dancing like absolute maniacs.  In perfect time, might I add, for Adam to rock up to catch the rest of Tree Thomas' set.  I'm so happy I got the chance to meet this obscenely tall, sweet and talented human being during his short time in London before heading off to Malta with Chris and Sean to kick off their European summer tour.  The crew got up to all of the usual shenanigans, making our way home for a few nightcaps, pizza, karaoke and yet another remarkable sunrise.

Sunday called for one more of Toni's cheeky deep-fried Camembert burgers with bacon, guacamole,  rocket...mmmmm...the cheese dripping all over the chips BAHHH I'm drooling on my keyboard and my last time at The King's Head & Courtyard...for now.



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