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18 August, 2018

A New Chapter

Almost 5 years ago I moved to one of the most amazing cities in the world. It was big, it was lonely and above all, it was and has been challenging as all hell. To have made it out on the other side after the absolutely mental highs & lows that came with this experience is an incredible feeling and to have to say goodbye today is nothing short of heartbreaking. London, thank you for testing me, loving me, giving me the strength I didn’t know I had and being my home. I struggle to find words to express how impeccably lucky, humbled and blessed I feel to have met all of the people that, just as much as this city, have made me into the person I am now, writing this, sat in the back of my Uber, en route to Terminal 5, bawling my eyes out. You are unforgettable, so loved, & already so sorely missed. Embarking on another journey, I carry with me the knowledge that I will always have a home & a family here and while thank you just doesn’t seem to do you all justice, I thank you nonetheless.

The morning started off with a thankfully easy early rise after the previous night's festivities and a final coffee with my girl Sofia before she headed off to work.  Tears, tears and more tears later, 
onwards I went to my beloved Denmark for a month's time before the move to Boston *eek!* 

Helene, Louie & I caught the same flight to Copenhagen so we could soak up as much time together as possible and this way I could see my other Aunt, Pernille, Uncle Henrik and my two cousins, Anders and Andreas as well.

Louie has grown up so fast!! What a beautiful, happy, healthy sweet young boy he's turned into. I can't believe it's been almost three years since I saw him last but hey, that's what happens with an ocean between you and everyone's busy schedules.  When we do get to see each other though, it's like no time has really passed and we are suddenly getting cuddles, hand kisses, requests for bed time stories and even proposals! We scarfed down a classic and always missed typical open sandwich table for dinner and turned in, absolutely knackered from travel. 

The following day, Helene, Louie & myself walked to the nearby farm to take in the beautiful sights of the Danish countryside and to say hello to all of the animals. Danish meatballs and potato salad were on the menu for dinner and much needed after a long day of playing and trying to squeeze in a bit of work here and there.  


**Side note: Helene's not keen on having photographs of either herself or Louie online so while this means about half of my content will not be shared and the next few posts might look a little heavily focused on other things picture-wise, I'd like to respect this. 


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