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23 August, 2018

A Country Boy

Sunday was getting the ball rolling on a few things Boston-related and otherwise spent soaking up sunshine.  Mama had asked if I would be up for picking a few of the red current berries before they became overly ripe and well, everything's a competition with me...even if it is just between me, myself and I. Almost 3.5 kgs of red current berries later, it's safe to say she was quite content with the turn0out with only single berries and the dried out ones left hanging on the bushes out back.  Happy mama=happy child. I made us some Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner alongside a beautiful garden-based salad which we enjoyed after a few card games, over a couple of episodes of Bones.

Monday rolled around and Helene and Louie made the trek from Hillerød to spend a few days with us in Vester-Skerninge.  We got to work immediately exploring the whole house and vast garden, painting the ceramic dinosaurs Mama had gifted him, having a go at the playground our neighbour so generously offered us during his stay, dancing to Moana, reading stories, playing with Bølle, and digging/picking goodies in the garden for dinner.

Louie even helped us scrub the veg to prepare it for our summertime meal with consisted of oven-roasted chicken and potato wedges, salad with red, yellow and green tomatoes, courgette, peppers and loads of magic beans alongside a few glasses of Rosé.

Mama assisted Louie in doing his favourite thing--connecting--stick after stick to the wooden measuring stick so that he could sort out the length of the ramp down to the yard, the distance between us and him no matter where we were sitting, how tall the roof was and the space between the ramp and the front door of the house, it was bedtime for the little one.  Helene joined him as it was a new place and her tucking him in and then running off to join us was unlikely to happen on the first night so I worked a bit on the computer, had a final couple rounds of cards with Mama and headed off for a very much needed good night's sleep to re-charge for the next day.



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