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03 July, 2018

Tempting Tuesday: Pt. 49

A very early morning to you all!

I think I'll call it a night for packing now...mainly because I'm running out of things to pack other things in.  It's been a long but productive day as I told myself it would be before going to bed last night.  I'm seriously beginning to believe more and more in the power of positive thinking!

We're all across the board this week with funky pearl embellished rucksacks, abstract earrings, classic buttery smooth pointed ankle boots, designer bohemian dresses and the perfect summer heel.  The one thing they all have in common?  Why, they all share my favourite "colour" of course.  If you're on the hunt for some new black additions to your wardrobe, whatever item they may be, have a drool & ponder over the five fantastic pieces below.



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