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15 July, 2018

Nothing Richer Than Richmond

When your soul is feeling down, there's little better I know in this world than connecting with nature--feet in the grass, sun on your skin.  It'd been a rough couple of days for me at this point and I felt like a bit of self-love and me time.  Since I'm still trying to tick off a few different places off of my list while I'm still in London and it was such a gorgeous day, I packed myself a little picnic and headed off to experience the wonders of Richmond Park.  It's insane to think that you're still in one of the biggest cities in the world when you're suddenly surrounded by endless fields of gold, grassy areas a plenty and lush green forests.

I had my lunch, listened to music while tanning and then headed off for a walk to adventure around in the hopes of maybe seeing some of the famous deer as well.  Although I was unlucky in deer spotting, I had a really nice time taking in my surroundings.

Nature has a way of humbling you I feel.  You realise that you are just a small piece in an unfathomably large puzzle and that everything--from the ants in the grass, bees buzzing around the flowers, squirrels climbing up the trees, birds flying overhead--is connected.

I'd love to come back if I have time  for one more trip out here so that I can spend some more time in the park and perhaps try my luck again with the deer as well!!



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