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26 July, 2018

London Pride, 2018

It's of course the nights right before you have something big and important to do that much as you've planned to go to bed at a reasonable time, you wind up going to bed as the sun's coming up.  With very little sleep I am: 1.) surprised that I woke up feeling as good as I did ("good" still being used rather loosely), 2.) managed to get my makeup done up without looking like I just smashed my face into the palette, 3.) got to brunch on time (ish) and 4.) was able to start drinking again and consume something.

The day of Pride started bright and early with a Bottomless Brunch booking in Balham.  Our sweet Amy has been slaving away for months setting up Megan's new branch and the place looked incredible!! A round of applause for this girl please?! We all dove into our respective breakfast dishes with free-flowing Prosecco that quickly turned into a plethora of their amazing cocktails.  Thereafter, after much back-and-forthing within the group as to whether or not we dared book it into central to watch the England v Sweden football match we decided on staying locally for the game, heading in to catch a bit of the parade later on in the afternoon.  I've always rather preferred playing football than watching it but man, on this day of all days was I crossing my fingers that it was coming home!! Casting my Scandinavian ties aside in the hopes for a happy and peaceful day we sat down, drinks in hand (not for long of course) with boys in tiny sequin shorts, showered in glitter, next to Jersey-donning Englishmen with no issue but rather a lot of focused eyes, cheers-ing and good vibes.  EVERY DAY SHOULD BE PRIDE DAY!!

Finally we landed in Trafalgar Square amidst hundreds of thousands of other colourfully, eccentrically, fabulously dressed humans with good times and spreading of love on their minds to catch a bit of the parade.  Thereafter, the group headed to Foxlow in Soho where sweet Steve was, even on Pride, working at full capacity.  After introductions were made and we savagely downed pitcher after pitcher of water, we ordered cocktails and with a quick glance at the menu, the best damn Fried Chicken burger I've ever consumed.  Steve had made a new "friend" the night before, Paulo, travelling through Europe on holiday, taking a break from his job in Brazil as a biologist who brightened (surely not just) my day a million times over!  Gorgeous, funny, sweet, worldly, intelligent...I did tell Steve that if he didn't keep him around I'd steal him myself!

The groups split ways after our cooling down period at Foxlow with Steve, Paulo and myself winding up trekking through, I kid you not, all of central London in search of his friends who we quickly said hello to before locating one of Steve's oldest friends who we continued onwards with for a few hours.  Galavanting through London with Steve on a day like this essentially means stopping every 20 min. to say hell to someone he knows and that pattern continued well onto the early hours of the morning.  I was so happy to finally meet a few of the people I've heard story after story about since we began our friendship and they live up to every one of them.

It was, hands down, one of the best days I've had since moving to London about 5 years back.  There was so much positivity, fun, cheerfulness, humour, love and togetherness echoing through the streets of the city and to have shared it with two of my favourite boys made it into the fantastic experience it was.

On a final note, I know there are loads more pictures of myself from the day that, even at this point three weeks later, I have still yet to secure.  I will do a follow-up post should I ever manage to get my grubby little blogger-y fingers on them as with the amount of times I've promised to add pictures to posts and have never been able to follow through breaks my little black heart a little.


**I claim no rights or ownership to/of the above image.   All rights go to its original owner(s).**


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