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22 July, 2018

London Pride, 2018: An OOTD

Hello beauties!
Long time

I did send out a little warning that with all of the happenings leading up to and after my move away from London that getting pictures, editing and sending some posts your way was more than likely going to take it's time but here we are!! Dating back to early August, here is my beauty look and what I wore for my very first Pride!!

I saw Josephine Skriver's amazing look for Pride and although I'm not particularly confident in my makeup skills, I wanted to give it a go nonetheless and I'm so proud/happy with how well it turned out! I ended up washing off my slightly wonky face heart off half-way through the day to spare my skin a little bit but my eye makeup was what held up best.  By the end of the night, or rather early morning the day following, I had not a single sparkle of glitter left on my body but my eyes still shone out in all the colours of the rainbow.  I used the only non-neutrally coloured eyeshadow palette in possession that I believe is from Forever 21 of all places (not that I remember when it was purchased) to do up my eyes and have attached some similar options along with how to get the rest of my look below.

I'd planned not one but two outfits for Pride of of course neither of them worked out.  The first was a long-sleeved rainbow striped dress that in this heat? Not a chance.  The second was a rainbow sequin bra-let I'd planned on pairing with a simple black skater skirt, funky belt and my "Rainbow Fish" Adidas.  It fit horribly and it occurred to me all too late in the game (try the morning of Pride) that I probably should have taken my new sneaks out for a spin before I was set to spend Lord knows how many hours parading around London in them.

In purchasing the bra-let through ASOS I had added a few other items to my cart and thankfully so as one of these purchases was the little red lace dress I wound up wearing on the day.  Paired with my now trust Old Skool Vans, a black leather rucksack to deter pick-pocketers and my pink and blue sunnies, I was ready for whatever the day threw my way.

Stay tuned for a picture filled post on the day :*



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