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16 July, 2018


Time is flying by in an overwhelmingly fast manner and as it's doing so, I feel like I'm experiencing "last" after "last" in London and as wonderful as it is, I can't say everything's lived up to my honestly minor expectations and desires and I am struggling a bit with just going with the flow.

I saw my boarding school Mum, Lera, for a really lovely Italian dinner and even lovelier conversation, we had our last Wednesday before Emma takes off (we have one more while I'm here but she'll be on her way to Chicago) that while a lot of the evening wasn't as expected, watching the sunrise with a good friend after hours of talking and drinks couldn't have been anymore in true Wednesday style.

My last nail appointment fell right before Pride and with it being my last one, I didn't feel as bad as I usually would over literally making them paint my nails every colour of the rainbow!  Ricardo's granddad had just flown back in from Portugal so to celebrate his arrival we had a final BBQ inclusive of Portuguese treats, John's homemade lemon cheesecake and a fashion show to help Rickie pick out his outfit for Pride!

Goodbyes really are bittersweet...especially when it feels like they're all coming one after the other, everywhere I turn.  On that note, I've been super busy this last week here and until I settle into Denmark I won't have overwhelmingly large amounts of time to compile and edit all of the many pictures and prep blogposts for you lovelies so there might be a bit of a furthered back-up of posts here!!



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