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09 July, 2018

Know No Better

It might have been a new week but that didn't mean that Emma's birthday was over yet as Ricardo and John were at a festival, Mads was in Denmark and the entire TKH crew was working throughout the weekend.  Come Monday drinks were in order so that everyone had a chance to shower our girl in birthday love.  Given this group, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this continued well into Tuesday where the majority of the day was spent in full-blown recovery mode for all until Emma and I headed into Piccadilly's Circus for a show.  Nenad's birthday present to her was two tickets to see "Everyone's Talking About Jamie" and it was phenomenal!!

Pathetically enough, this is the first West End show I've seen since my move here (though not overall, worry not) and it was a brilliantly put together production.  I was particularly impressed with the setup of the stage and how seamlessly it changed throughout the show.

The multi-talented cast were brilliant in all aspects--singing, dancing, acting and connecting with the audience.  The script was well written and played nicely off of modern events both in the construction of the storyline as well as in small details throughout.  I'd definitely say it targets our generation given how modern so many components of the show are but the messages sent across it apply all across the board.

Watching this show in Pride month nonetheless couldn't have been any more perfect and now I've got that theatre bug itchin' at me both in the desire to see more as well as personally do more within the world of arts again.  I thoroughly recommend this show for anyone looking for something to see in the West End!

We had a bit of a wander around afterwards since we were in the area anyways, heading back home exhausted after a doozy of a past few days.

Do you guys have an favourite/shows that you'd recommend?  Have any of you seen this one yet?

Hope you're all well,


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