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08 July, 2018

I Didn't Get The Memo

Emma's birthday celebrations day two started with a bottomless Japanese brunch at Eight Over Eight where the crew finally got to meet sweet Chloe & Georgie whom she attends university with.  They're equally as fabulous, weird and dark-humoured as the rest of us so everyone got along far too well!

All the ladies turned up in their cute little wrap dresses for the event but alas, I didn't get the memo!!  Adam and I both wound up wearing navy blue striped ensembles though so at least we matched and it looked kind of on purpose.

After filling up on edamame beans, sushi and dumplings galore over free-flowing bubbles, the birthday crew hopped around the corner to The Bluebird Café for a bit of vino and giggles, heading back to home-base at The King's Head to end the day off with burgers and more bubbles.

It was here Emma received her grande finale gift from me--Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue.  As happy as I think she was with her previous prezzies, this one did her in wuahahahaha...I mean, yay!! It's not a 21st. without an obscene amount of alcohol and presents to last a lifetime, is it? That book weighs a fair amount though so I wanted to wait until we were close by so she didn't have to drag it all around London only to pop it up in her flat.

After making the decision to extend our contract with our agency for an extra few months, it meant that I was able to celebrate Emma on her big day after all and I'm so happy we both got at least one birthday together before I head off.  I'm sure it'll be the first of many!! I hope you had an amazing day sweet princess.

Big love,


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