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29 July, 2018

A Final Adventure: Em & Em On The Loose

Emma was on her way off the Chicago a good week before I was set to fly out which meant we needed to be as obnoxious as humanly possible together in a shortened down time period.  Post-Pride we decided to have a final Italian dinner at our favourite spot, though without the usual Calamari to start and instead of polishing off a bottle or two of a nice White, she opted for a beer and I kept to Cola until Dessert where I had a glass of Rosé to help finish off that hangover.

It's such a small thing to some I realise but this is yet another perfect example of how quickly things can change and how, much as you plan and have specific ideas, hopes and expectations of how things will go down, all of that can go out the window in an instant unexpectedly and not always for a negative reason.  Appreciate the good times while they're happening because as fantastic as traditions are, sometimes their repetitiveness and reliability ceases to exist.

Even with the changes in place, it was a wonderful meal nonetheless. I finally got to try the gelato shop below me as well!! I'm sure it's just the hype surrounding it that made my expectations sky-rocket because it wasn't the most life-changing ice cream I've ever had but it was still delicious, especially with the heatwave and the on-going sorting, organising, packing, unpacking and moving we were all in the middle of.

The day before Emma flew off to The States we made our way into Central for some final adventures before heading our separate ways in the coming months.  The first stop was one of her favourites, The Corinthia Hotel where we enjoyed their Laurent-Perrier Flight (Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée Brut Champagne, France, NV Laurent-Perrier Rosé Champagne, France, and NV Laurent-Perrier Vintage 2006 Champagne, France) over an artisanal cheese selection in The Northall Bar.

Thereafter, we opted for a change of scenery, boarding on of the many docked river boats for another round of drinks in the sunshine.  It was a funky little thing and a cool experience but I can't say I've ever or will ever enjoy drinking on boats.  I don't know about you guys but I am very self-aware when drinking and while I have an impeccably (slightly obnoxious) high tolerance, the swaying back and forth was screwing with me.  Giving up on bubbles and the gentle rocking of The Thames for awhile, we wandered around a bit, giving the Royal Air Force 100 Years Celebration, or what was left of it at this point, a quick look.  Emma and I happened upon Villandry, unable to resist the beckoning Champagne list and scrumptious seafood menu, deciding on a light dinner before embarking on the journey homeward bound.  I started off with Devon crab, avocado, beetroot coulis, grapefruit & sakura leaf which was absolutely scrumptious. Emma opted for the sea trout with a fricassée of summer vege and carrot velouté as her main that quickly disappeared while I struggled with my chicken caesar salad.  Whatever they used to marinate the anchovies had clearly been poured throughout the salad, making it far too salty to consume in an enjoyable manner.  I did really like the quail's eggs however but for just under £20 for a salad, I was disappointed and left hungry.

Since Emma was heading off a bit early and thereby unable to make it to Sean & my leaving doo, set for the day before both of us were due to leave London, we watched the rest of the football at a pub up the road with the whole TKH gang and a few of us headed back to Sofia, Mads & Emma's new flat for a semi flat-warming party/casual sendoff.

Soon thereafter marked my final infamous Wednesday and well, it didn't quite go as expected, as rarely things do these days.  The fact that England was in the semi finals against Croatia didn't make planning anything anywhere any easier and this time of year with people working, travelling and making the most of summer, schedules syncing up becomes just as much of a rarity.  My final hump day boiled down to myself, Charlie, two of his mates and Sofia.  No complaining here!! We made the best of an almost hilarious cluster F of a day, managing to get into The Mitre to watch bits of the game, catchup and enjoy a few drinks.  We continued onwards to The Brown Cow and from there, in proper Wednesday style, the festive feels didn't slow until the sun threatened to begin to peak its head through the burnt orange and white brick houses of Fulham.  Leaving the new flat and going back for one more sleep in my cosy little place that I've come to love so dearly was a strange sensation but when you've been surrounded by such good company, it makes it all a bit easier.

Life's just not going to be the same without you guys but hell, the world is so small and with the rate that we travel, I have no doubt our paths will cross soon again.

Big love,


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