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02 June, 2018

The Rolling Stones

I feel so incredibly lucky to have seen these absolute legends live and in London nonetheless.  What an amazing birthday present!! Now, in fairness, did they look like they might need an oxygen tank after a full set?  Yes...but these guys can do this in their sleep.  The show was absolutely insane and the fact that Florence+The Machine was opening for them just kicked this experience into the stratosphere!! I love her.  She is just the most talented, sweet, beautiful little rockstar fairy and I'm so happy I got to see her live in the same go as well.  When she came out to join them for "Wild Horses" I was floored!!

We were there in such good time and our original places were as close as we could get without actually being in the circle but given the heat, the amount of liquids we were consuming, our tiny bladders and the distance between that point and the toilets, we gave up what would have been an absolutely insane view for a bit of practicality.  I know, how incredibly un-rock n' roll like ;)

I was such an overwhelmingly content little rock n' roll baby, even with the treck all the way out to Stratford and back.  A massive thanks to you Mads!! BEST.PRESENT.EVER.



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