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01 June, 2018

Stress & Summer Seduction: An ASOS Order

Your girl's been under a lot of stress with exams, alright?  If you think this is bad...just you wait for my next proper haul post from my beloved Boo Hoo.

With all of my recent orders (and this will be even more impressive once you see the size of the outcome from my final splurge) only three things didn't work out!! One blouse arrived broken, the other was a dress that I just thought Lina would look a lot better in and would use more than I and finally, a pair of sandals that just din't fit right.

I scooped up a simple black leather pair of sandals, these fun silver and black espadrilles, and finally invested in a pair of Old Skool Vans.  Did I realise I got the version with an extra platform upon purchase?  No.  Do I mind? NOPE.  I'll take all the height I can get :P

Outside of shoes, I picked up two new tops as well.  I couldn't resist the cuteness of this heart print crop t-shirt and the final top snapped up from the almighty ASOS during their banger of a sale is as cute as it is practical for summer.



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